What is the Australian Desert called?


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There are many deserts in Australia, not just one.

The three largest deserts in Australia are:

Great Victoria Desert (Western Australia): 424,400 km2

Great Sandy Desert (Western Australia): 284,993 km2

Tanami Desert (Western Australia and Northern Territory): 184,500 km2

Each of these deserts is either in or primarily in Western Australia, in the western third of the continent.

The Nullarbor Plain is an arid, limestone region extending for some 270,000 square km above the Great Australian Bight. Nothing is cultivated there, and in many respects its aridness places it within the category of desert, but there is little (if any) sand there.

Other deserts include -

Simpson Desert (Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia): 176,500 km2

Gibson Desert (Western Australia): 156,000 km2

Little Sandy Desert (Western Australia): 111,500 km2

Strzelecki Desert (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia): 80,250 km2

Sturt Stony Desert (South Australia): 29,750 km2

Tirari Desert (South Australia): 15,250 km2

Pedirka Desert (South Australia): 1,250 km2