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That is Gibraltar, on the southern tip of the Spanish peninsula.

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Q: What is the British crown colony called the key of the Mediterranean?
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What is the British crown colony fortress and naval base called the key of the mediterranean?

I think it is Gibraltar

A colony run by a governor who was directly responsible to the crown?

When a colony was run by a governor who answered directly to the crown, it was called a royal colony. The governors in these colonies were appointed by the British throne.

Did the people called loyalists support the American Revolution or support remaining a British colony?

They were loyal to the British crown.

What is crown colony government?

a colony owned by the british government!

When the Singapore became a crown colony of british?

Singapore became a crown colony in April 1, 1867.

Which colony was known the jewel in the british crown?


What is meaning of crown colony?

A colony of the British Empire not having an elective magistracy or a parliament, but governed by a chief magistrate (called Governor) appointed by the Crown, with executive councilors nominated by him and not elected by the people.

Who did the British Crown send to colonize Australia?

Governor Arthur Phillip was sent to establish the first British colony in Australia by the British Crown.

What commonwealth country begins with a k?

In 1920 Kenya became part of the British Empire when it became a British crown colony. It continued as a British crown colony until 1963 when Kenya gained its independence.

What south American country used to be a crown colony of the British empire?

British Guiana

What was British Columbia before it became part of Canada?

It was a colony of England. It was part of a region called British North America until 1858, at which time Queen Victoria made it into a crown colony, and gave it the name British Columbia.

What was a colony run by crown was called?

The colony roger Williams permitted by

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