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What is the Firing order of a TE20 Ferguson tractor?


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September 01, 2010 5:52AM

The answer is confusing...

The official Ferguson Service Manual does not state a firing order for the 6 volt version of the TE-A20 (Standard Motor Co. Petrol Motor). For the 12 volt version of the TE-A20, the diesel (TE-F20), the vaporising oil models (TE-D20 & TE-E20), and the lamp oil model (TE-H20), the official Service Manual states that the firing order is 1-4-3-2.

However, from observation of the distributor, on both my own TE-A20 and my father-in-law's one, which both function correctly, the firing order appears to be 1-2-4-3, as this is the order that the spark-plug leads are connected to the distributor (in a clockwise direction, viewing the distributor from above, which is the direction in which the rotor turns).

My observations are confirmed by a post by Graham Boulter at Yesterday's Tractor Co.'s discussion board:

The I+T Ferguson Shop Manual has the firing order as 1342 , check rotation direction.