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What is the Four characteristics of life?


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the four characteristics of life are

1. growth and development

2. Reproduction

3. respone to the environment

4. Organization


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Consumes, reproduces, contains one or more cells, and uses energy.

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the four characteristics of living things: -response -growth -reproduction -organization

The four characteristics of a good tax are simplicity, efficiency, certainty, and equity (fairness).

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There are 7 characteristics of life. The 7th characteristics of life are cells, Metabolism, growth, Reproduction, Irritability, Adaptation and movement.

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the four characteristics of poetry are the introduction, extra ordinary word, rhythm and maker and last the parallelism

Birth and death, respiration, growth and reproduction are the four characteristics of all the living things.

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being part of the 7 characteristics of life!

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Four of the eight characteristics of life are that all living things are made of cells containing genetic material, cells have the ability to reproduce, growth and development, and they have the ability to obtain food. The other fur characteristics are respiration, maintaining internal balance, adaptation to the environment, and the ability to evolve.

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There are 8 (but #1 is always top priority!)Are they made of cells?Do they respond to their environment?Do they exchange gasses? (do they breath?)Do they eliminate waste?Do they reproduce?Do they grow?Do they need water?Do they need energy?And those are the 8 characteristics of life. hope I helped!

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