What is the French language known as?

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Answer #1 French, I guess. Answer #2 The French language may be known as the language of the Academie Francaise, which defines the standards of correct, educated French. It may be known as the language of the arts, due to the dance discipline of ballet. It may be known as the language of colonialism and conquest, due to French settlements on the African, American and Asian continents; and on Caribbean and Pacific islands. At the same time, it may be known as the language of diplomacy, government, and politics due to the historic support of the French to the revolutions in the United States of America, and in France. It may be known as the language of education and research due to its famous universities, such as the Sorbonne of Paris and the Universite d'Aix-en-Provence; and to its inquiring tradition that led to the deciphering of the hieroglyphics of ancient, pharaonic Egypt. It may be known as the language of entertainment due to French involvement in film, music, and theater. It may be known as the language of expression and romance, due to the charm of its cityscapes and countrysides. It may be known as the language of fine dining, due to French cheese, desserts, drinks, and fish and meat dishes. It may be known as the language of the medieval troubadours, who were the traveling singers of the Middle Ages. It may be known as the language of science and technology, due to the respective contributions of Pierre [May 15, 1859-April 19, 1906] and Maria Sklodowska [November 7, 1867-July 4, 1934] Curie and of Louis Pasteur [December 27, 1822-September 28, 1895] to radiation and to pasteurization.
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What is the French language?

French is a language. it is spoken in France, and in many formerFrench colonies.

Why was French once known as the international language?

French is one of the international languages because France colonized a lot of countries during the 19th Century. It is one of the most spoken languages in the world, next to

How do you say 'the language of French' in French?

la langue de la langue française In English we do not say "the language of French." We say the "language of France," or the "French language." L a langue françai

What is French language in French?

La langue française (because the word "language" is feminine). Française is the feminine form, and if you're describing a masculine noun, the adjective would be fr

What is 'your' in the French language?

There are 3 different ways of saying 'your' in French:. . If the object (not person) you're talking about is masculine, you say 'ton'. For example, "J'aime ton livre" (I like

How do you say French in the language of French?

français(e) ------------------------- français (masculine) française (feminine) in french you pronounce words differently depending on if you're a boy or g

Is French a language?

yes it surely is! It is spoken in the country France, located in Europe. I(sgm3) actually speak it quite fluently as well as Spanish.
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What language did the French have?

Before the Roman Empire, the Gauls lives in the area where we find France right now. The Gauls spoke Gallic. Then, the Romans conquered the Gauls, and forced them to speak L
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Why c language is known as intermediate language?

Assembler is the low level programming language C++ is one of the high level programming languages. C sits between assembler and C++ and that is why C is an intermediate
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Is the french language a romance language?

Yes. The Romance Languages are the modern descendants of Latin, the language of Rome, whence the word "Romance."
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What languages are in the French language?

French language is based on Latin, but was also noticeably influenced by Germanic dialects (The Franks who gave their name to France were a northern Germanic tribe). Occasionn