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Lewis and Clark Expedition (1803-06)

In January of 1803, Jefferson requested $2500 from Congress to pay for the costs of the trip. Thomas Jefferson then commissioned Capt. Meriwether Lewis (his presidential aide) to explore the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. This territory is what is now the northwest United States. Before Lewis met up with Clark, he began the expedition on August 30, 1803 in Pittsburgh PA. Lt. William Clark would offer to join Lewis on the expedition weeks later on October 13, 1803 at Camp Dubois (in present-day Indiana). They then named their team the "Corps of Volunteers for North Western Discovery." At the time, Lewis was 29 years old and Clark was 33. From there, they sailed down the Ohio River towards St. Louis.

The party of nearly 30 --including Lewis and Clark, three sergeants, 22 enlisted men, volunteers, interpreters, and Clark's slave -- departed St. Louis in May 1804 heading up the Missouri River. They would spend their first winter at Fort Mandan at the present site of Bismarck, North Dakota. It took about 3 weeks to build Fort Mandan, which they named for the local natives, and they settled in on Nov. 27, 1804. There, they acquired a guide and translator, the Shoshone woman Sacagawea. In spring 1805, they continued to the headwaters of the Missouri River, struggled across the Continental Divide, and headed west along the Salmon, Snake, and Columbia rivers to the Pacific. They returned to St. Louis the following year.

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Q: What is the Louis and clark expedition?
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Did Louis and Clark go West for their expedition?

Yes, Louis and Clark went West for their expedition.

Who was William Clark?

he was the leader of the Louis and Clark expedition

Where did Louis and clark begin there expedition?

st. Louis, Missouri

When did the Lewis and Clark expedition return to St Louis?

3years after starting the expedition

Who was second in command of the Louis and clark expedition?

clarkType your answer here...

What did Louis and Clark want to find on their expedition?

The Northwest Passage

Who was a good friend of the leader of the Louis and Clark expedition?


How did the man die on Louis and Clark expedition?

Sergeant Charles Floyd became ill and died on the Louis and Clark expedition. Clark believed he died of bilious colic, but modern doctors believe he died of a ruptured appendix

Where did William Clark end his voyage?

William Clark ended the Lewis & Clark expedition where is started, in St. Louis, Missouri

When did the Louis and clark expedition begin?

it began in 1804 near St. Louis and ended in 1806

What event led up to the Louis and Clark expedition?

He Louisiana purchase.

Who were the first to lead the expedition across the Louisiana Purchase?

Louis and clark,

When did the Lewis and clark expedition leave Saint Louis Missouri?


What countries did Sacagawea explore?

sacagawea explored for the Louis and Clark expedition.

Why was the Louis and clark expedition launched?

to explore the Louisiana territory novanet

Is Sakagewea an explorer?

Yes, she also let the Louis and Clark expedition

When did the Lewis and Clark expedition leave St. Louis Missouri?


What was the starting place for the Lewis and Clark expedition?

the starting place was St. Louis

What was the first names of the two people who led the expedition with Sacagawea?

Louis and Clark

How did Louis and Clark thank Sacajawea for her help on the expedition of the Louisiana Territory?

Clark arranged for the education of her son Jean-Baptiste's at the Saint Louis Academy boarding school

Did Sacagawea help to explore?

Of course Sacajawea helped explore on the Louis and Clark Expedition.

Who did Thomas Jefferson pick to lead the expedition?

Meriwether Louis. Then he picked Clark to help him.

How old was Richard Windsor when he started the expedition?

Richard Winsor served with the lewis and clark expedition. However there is no real documentation of the dates he served with the expedition. He is mentioned in the journals kept by louis and clark for an accident that nearly cost him his life.

What effect did Sacagawea have on the World?

if it werent for sacagawea the louis and clark expedition may not have been a success

Places Lewis and Clark visited during their expedition?

Lewis and Clark visited several states and places during their expedition. Some of the places were Atchison, KS, Metropolis, IL, and St. Louis, MO.