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The Maximum amount (called the principle limit) is based on 3 things.

1: age of the youngest applicant. The older you are the more you get from the proceeds.

2: Home Value- the more valuable the home (up to the lending limit of $625,500 the more proceeds are available)

3: Interest Rates - Anytime the expected rate is greater than 5.50% less proceeds will be made available

What is a Reverse Mortgage?

A Reverse Mortgage is a financial instrument available for seniors 62 years or older. A regular mortgage requires the borrower to make a monthly payment that generates equity; a reverse mortgage does the opposite by paying you either a monthly payments or one lump sum from your home's equity. The owner of the home retains title and full ownership of the home and repayments of the loan are deferred until after the senior permanently vacates the home.

A Reverse Mortgage is a loan, but in reverse. You retain title, and ownership, with full control of your home. When you do a Reverse Mortgage you will never be forced from your home since there is no time limit with the loan. The Federal government guarantees all Reverse Mortgages. There are no personal liabilities to you or your heirs. Repayment is due after all homeowners permanently vacate the home. The money you receive from the lender with be tax free, and never required to pay any of it back, even if the home value drops below the loan payment.

A Reverse Mortgage will not affect the appreciation of your home. Your home may or may not continue to increase in value. You receive the money from a Reverse Mortgage, by way monthly payments, lump sum or even a line of credit; or a combination of the three. The amount of money you receive from a Reverse Mortgage depends on few factors, your age, appraised home value, interest rates, and the location of the property. The older you the more money you get from a Reverse Mortgage. The funds you receive from a Reverse Mortgage can be used for anything you want, it's your money.

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Q: What is the Maximum LTV for a reverse mortgage Is it based on an appraisal can the current mortgage vbe wrapped around within the reverse mortgage and be paid off to the current lender?
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How much money can be withdrawn from a reverse mortgage from RBS?

The amount of money that can be withdrawn from a reverse mortgage from RBS depends on the age of the youngest borrower, the current interest rate, the MIP option you choose and the lesser amount of the appraisal.

What is maximum reverse current?

this is the best current.

What is maximum dc reverse current?

this is the best current.

How can I go find out more about how reverse mortgage formula is calculated?

Reverse mortgage reviews your current mortgage payments with the amount of equity you have built up. There are several companies with this option but the majority only offer this for seniors.

Is a reverse mortgage available for a Is a reverse mortgage available for a 500000 home?

Yes, however the maximum lending limit from FHA will be going down later in the year, so it is wise to act now over waiting for your reverse mortgage. There are some private jumbo reverse mortgage products as well, but interest rates are much higher and the amount of money you get is less.

Do you still have to pay monthly mortgage if you have a reverse mortgage?

No, the purpose of a reverse mortgage mortgage is to eliminate mortgage payments permanently.

What is a reverse mortgage lead?

A reverse mortgage lead is where you can get names of people that are interested in getting a reverse mortgage. These leads should already have been screened to meet the criteria for a reverse mortgage.

What are the reverse mortgage scams taking place today?

Yes, there are reverse mortgage scams, as well as regular mortgage scams. You need to be careful who does your reverse mortgage, so you do not get scammed

Where can I find out about reverse mortgage financing?

Reverse mortgage financing is where you are paid per month and when the house is sold you then pay back all the money that was borrowed. In order to get more information about reverse mortgages check with your local credit union or bank. If you are searching on-line check with your current mortgage provider.

What is the advatage of taking an AARP reverse mortgage?

One of the biggest advantages of taking an AARP reverse mortgage is that one can start receiving money based on the current value of the property without having to sell it.

What is new reverse mortgage and where can I learn about it?

You can not get a reverse mortgage if you already have a reverse mortgage in exsistence. If you do not have one you can go to a few places for help such as; and

What is reverse equity mortgage?

a reverse equity mortgage usually refers to a reverse mortgage, also referred to as a HECM loan. (Home Equity Conversion Loan). The key difference between a regular mortgage and a reverse mortgage is that no monthly mortgage payments are due on a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage also does not have credit or income requirements because there are no payments due. Qualification is based on age- minimum age 62- the value of the home and its location.

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