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What is the Minimum amount of engine oil in v8 car?


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Every V8 holds at least 5 quarts when changing the oil filter.

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Drain it out and put the correct amount in

If you have too little oil in your car there is a danger that the engine will seize.

No. When you add up the total amount of engine oil, engine coolant, and hydraulic / transmission oil, the tractor has quite a bit more.

what is a good engine oil to use in my car

Depending on how much oil is put into the car it may just blow a little blue smoke if its a small amount. If its a large amount of oil it will actually damage the engine. Always have the car on level ground when checking oil level, and top up slowly giving it time to drain to the bottom of the engine before using dip stick to check level.

Unless you overfill the engine by an extreme amount, you will not notice any difference in how a motor runs which is overfilled a minor amount, as compared to a motor that has a correct amount of oil. The true danger of overfilling an engine occurs when the oil level reaches the point where the crankshaft hits the engine oil and beats air into the oil. This creates foamy engine oil which does a very poor job of lubricating the engine. (think of an egg beater) That's when the engine damage can occur.

I don't know what your definition of a small amount is but, I wouldn't leave it in there for long. Change the engine oil and filter as soon as possible with the correct oil for your car. I have known some old timer mechanics who used to do that to help clear sludge from inside an engine.

Drain the engine oil, change the oil filter and put in the required amount of oil, run engine, shut engine off, then make a mark on the dipstick indicating the full line for future reference.

An oil leak is always going to be out of the engine as the engine contains oil and the car does not. I think you are saying you are loosing oil with no apparent leak. If that is the case the engine is burning oil and that is why you see no leaks.

Depending on the amount of damage a car could be driven. But the car can overheat, water could get into the oil or the engine can be destroyed.

It will run but not for very long. No oil pump means no oil will be moving throughout the engine to lubricate and cool the engine. The engine will overheat, bearings & rings will wear and in a short amount of time the engine will lock up and self destruct.

This is usually accomplished by either forgetting to refil the crankcase after an oil change, or by running the engine out of oil by not routinely checking the oil level, and adding the appropriate amount when it's running low. It is also possible to seize an engine by overheating it.

A 10W30 engine oil should suffice. The amount of mileage and wear and tear on the car will also help to determine which type of oil to use.

Minimum of 10 psi at idle when the engine is warm.Minimum of 10 psi at idle when the engine is warm.

The Electric car doesn't cause pollution and will decrease the amount of CO2 in the air and the amount of oil that needs to be drilled. It's cheaper to a electric car then a traditional car. It also has a quieter engine and will lower noise pollution.

The engine oil pan helps in storing extra oil for the car engine. This stored oil can be used for lubricating the engine. The oil pan is placed at the end of the engine. Generally you will find two types of oil pan, namely dry and wet pan. It also helps in covering the bottom area of the car engine.

Yes, but you risk damaging the engine if there is any significant amount there. The oil should be changed immediately and the problem rectified.

It is burned by the engine combustion process or it is leaking out of the engine.

The difference between min and max is, the min means the minimum amount of oil you can have in your engine, max means the max amount of oil you can have without causing overflow of the oil. You want it in between so when your engine gets hot and your oil expands a little bit it won't over flow your oil filter or dipstick, plus too much over the max level and you could cause oil filter problems, which then in turn can ruin your engine.

no you check your oil with car off easier when car is cooled off

No, but it is still not good to run an engine on low oil, the car will not stall, but it is good to replace the oil as soon as possible.

You probably spilled some oil on or near the engine, making it burn when the engine heats up.

It may be engine overheating in which case the engine is probably destroyed, or your car may be burning oil, or oil got spilled near the engine and is smoking.

No less then 6 LBS. At 1000 RPMs. And at least 18 LBS. or more at 2000 RPMs. This is the MINIMUM amount that factory says it must have to oil the engine correctly.

The correct amount of liters of oil to fill your 2002 2.2 Grand AM can most likely be found in your glove compartment in the users manual for your car under the area of engine oil or engine or oil. Look in the table of contents. For faster reliable results you can call your local autoparts dealer and they can imput the year make and model of your car and instantly tell you the amount or specification required for your car. Source is listed.

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