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What is the Mokole Mbembe?


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The Mokele Mbembe is an animal residing in the category of "cryptid" or animal not yet formally documented by science. It has been described since 1776 as a large 16-30 foot grey animal with a long neck and snake like head. The creature is reported in several West African nations including Ghana, Cameroon, & The Congo. It's habitat is the deep jungle rivers (such as the Dja) and swampy lakes (such as Lake Tele). In the 1980's, scientist Roy Mackal of the University of Chicago went to the Congo to pursue and investigate the reports. He brought along pictures of animals the natives knew (crocs,hippos) and pictures of animals they did not know (bears, foxes) and a picture of a sauropod dinosaur (Apatosaurus). The villages knew the crocs and hippos, did not recognize the foxes/bears, but when the dino picture was pulled out - they immediately cried out "Mekele Mbembe". Several expeditions have followed up on Mackal, including a Japanese TV crew who filmed a large object moving in Lake Tele from the air. Some say is an animal, others men in a canoe. Mekele Mbembe is not the only dinosaur like creature reported from Africa. Another mysterious beast is known as the Emela-ntouka, an alleged animal claimed by some to be a living ceratopsian, while the mbielu-mbielu-mbielu resembles a stegasour. Also in the mix is the Kasai Rex, a two footed carnivore.