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This can be changed but the default is ACTIONTEC

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Q: What is the SSID for Actiontec DSL gateway router?
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What device is the deafault gateway in a computer?

Your DSL Modem, Router or Proxy Server can be Default gateway for a computer.

How can i find my ssid for the wii?

SSID is the name of your wireless acess point. If you have AT&T DSL then it usually starts with 2Wire_ _ _. You can also have a storebought router and these usually have their SSID set to the manufaturer name

How do I re-start my Actiontec 54Mbps Wireless DSL Gateway again?

Sometimes I start my computer in the morning and I'm not getting my wireless Actiontec signal on my computer. After trying different things I got it back to working. I had my computer on. I unplugged the Actiontec. I took the green phone line out of the wall plug. I plugged the Actiontec back in again. I plugged the phone line in the wall again. It started working again!

Do you have to have dsl to have a wireless router?

You do not have to have dsl to have a wireless router. But if you want to have wireless internet through your router, then yes you need dsl or cable...

How do you connect a netgear router to DSL?

The question would be easier to answer if you included the specific model # of the Netgear router you are trying to configure. You can not connect a netgear router or any other router directly to a DSL line unless it also functions as a DSL modem. You can connect a router to a DSL modem which connects to a DSL line.

Can you connect Cable modem to DSL router?

Why would you need that? Anyway I don't think that you can do that because both the cable modem and dsl router are modems (and plus router fot dsl router case).

What do I need to hookup an old Gateway computer without an ethernet port to DSL?

Either a router connection and a modem, or a USB Stick Modem.

What is fimware on dsl modem router?

a generous file to assimilate the encryption for dsl modem router

Where could I buy an inexpensive DSL Wireless Router?

You can find a good priced DSL router at There you can compare prices, ratings and brands from their site.

How do you share dsl?

With a router

What is the purpose of a cable gateway?

A Cable/DSL gateway is a network gateway. It is used to establish a connection between DSL and Cable TV to a computer network by physical means, such as through LAN or a wireless network.

Where to purchase a modem wireless router?

If you are looking for a wireless router that also has a DSL modem on it, you will need to buy that from the phone company that you get your DSL internet from.

Does the g wireless router have to be hardwired to a computer?

No. But if you want some type of internet access then it does need to be hardwired to some kind of internet gateway like a DSL or cable modem.

Do you need a wireless router with dsl if you have a wireless router in your laptop?

Your laptop cannot have a wireless router. What it has is a wireless adapter which is not the same thing. And the answer is yes, you need a wireless router if your dsl modem does not have one as an option.

Does Verizon provide dsl customers with a wireless router?

No, you have to buy your own router.

What is a wireless modem router?

A DSL/Cable Modem that is combined with a wireless Router.

The power of wireless router dsl options?

Speed is everything when it comes to wireless router dsl options. People want a router that can produce a strong connection throughout a home or office building. This is why people need to do some heavy research when it comes to wireless router dsl options. Looking online and really investigating reviews by past customers and experts alike ensure that one finds a powerful wireless router dsl.

How do you manage a internet connection to be provided to ten pcs FM a single dsl modem?

Connect a router to the DSL modem, and if necessary add a switch to the router. Then connect all of your systems to the switch and the router.

Do you need a dsl line with a wireless router?

If it is just a plain router, not a modem with a router, you would not need a DSL line, specifically. You would need to have an Internet connection. The router just takes an Internet connection and splits it, and converts wired Internet to WiFi. It does not provide the Internet. So if you don't have DSL, then you'd need cable Internet, fiber optic Internet, or satellite Internet.Now, if what you are calling a wireless router also combines a DSL modem, then you would need a DSL line.

Where can a 2Wire modem be bought?

Amazon has 2Wire modem for sale. The prices range from $80.00 to over $100. They have an AT&T 2Wire wireless gateway DSL router modem for sale for $89.98.

Why do I need a DSL wireless router?

The DSl wireless router tranfers information to your computer via the ethernet cord. You can only use a phone lline for dial-up.

Do you need DSL to work a wireless router?


What describes the external IP address that is obtained by a router through a cable or DSL modem?

What describes the external IP address that is obtained by a router through a cable or DSL modem?

How do you connect dsl cable modem to wireless router?

Connect the router to the modem using an Ethernet cable. The router can then transmit the WiFi.

What is necessary if you want your ethernet network to connect to the intenet through a DSL or cable modem?

dsl cable router

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