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What is the acceptable method for type registered trade names in text?

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in Microsoft Word?


Ctrl Alt and r together on the keyboard.


for the copywrite symbol press...

Ctrl Alt and c together.


its easy when you know how. good luck.


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What is the Difference between registered trade union and Recognised trade union?

A registered trade union may be recognised but a recognised trade union has to be registered. Registration is mandatory but recognition is essential when there is multiplicity of trade unions existing in an organisation.

Is there a law to protect names on a written work?

Short phrases like names and titles cannot be protected by copyright. In extreme cases, names can be registered as trademarks, but they must be used in trade to qualify.

What is the difference between registered and recognised trade unions with an example?

Recognized trade unions are those unions which are known/conceded/approved by the employer to be their by the employee trade union and as far as registered trade union is consider they are those trade unions which are registered under the concerned trade union act.

Is it legal for a minor to trade a handgun not registered to him for something?


Advantages and disadvantages of documentary credit as compared to other methods of trade finance?

disadvantage of documentary credit payment method of international trade advantage and disavantage of advance payment method of international trade advantage and disavantage of bills of collection payment method of international trade

How do you type registered trademark with keyboard?

While holding down the alt key type 0174. This should create the registered trade mark.

When and in which US state was the trade name 'Microsoft' registered?


Is global trade international ltd registered in BVI or Belize or Seychelles?


Is the union allowed to operate withought registered?

disadvantages of unregistered trade union

What system was the method that England used to regulated trade in the colonies?

The Stamp Act was the method that England used to regulate trade in the Colonies. The tax on imports, like tea, also regulated trade within the Colonies.

What method was used to by England to regulate trade?


Does an R in an O mean a food is kosher?

No, that symbol indicates a registered trade mark.

Why is Teflon spelled with a capital T?

Because it's a registered trade name of a product.

Can you trade in a vehicle that isn't in your name?

If you have the title signed by the registered owner, you can usuall get away with it but it is usually easier to bring the title holder to the trade in

What seniority do you have to have on howrse to trade items in the black market?

From 30 days registered you can trade items. With a Pegasus account you can begin right away.

Is penicillin capitalized?

No it is not as it is not a trade name. Only trade names of medications are capitalized.

Can you trade books from a Kindle to Kindle?

If both of the kindle are registered under your Amazon account then yes you can synchronize the kindles which will trade the books from kindle to kindle.

The system was the method that England used to regulate trade?


Which system was the method that England used to regulate trade?


The primary method of exchange in a traditional economy is and?


How you can get import and export license in south africa?

Your business needs to be registered with the Department of Trade and Industry

Can you trade a car without it being registered?

Yes, as long as you have the title or transfer of ownership registration.

Do you capitalize trade and brand names?


What are some of the names of banana campaigns that don't have a fair trade agreement?

fair trade

Would sacking of an employee because of active trade union involvement be acceptable?

its legal and yes of course