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Salt chlorine generators use about 500kw. Tablet in-line feeders use none. They're just plumbed so the water passes through them during normal circulation.

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Saltwater is about 97.5% of world water. Freshwater is about 2.5% of world water, because most of the world is made up of oceans.

About %70 of Earth is covered by water Of that 70 percent about %96.5 is saltwater

97% of the worlds water is Salt water. 71% of the world is Covered by Saltwater.

because saltwater fish must be live in saltwater

2/3 of the Earth's surface is made of water. Out of this, presently only 0.05% is fresh water.

97% of the water on Earth is in the ocean, or saltwater. 3% is freshwater. (Of the 3% that is fresh, about 70% is locked up as ice in ice caps and glaciers.)97% of the Earths water is probably saltwater

The saltwater crocodile likes saltwater.

It is available to us because there is only 3%of freshwater and 97%of saltwater in the ocean.

It depends on the salinity of the saltwater, but in general, no, eggs will float in saltwater.

No. There are no saltwater rivers, but some river deltasare saltwater systems where they meet the ocean (or other saltwater body).

It is fishing in the ocean or saltwater.

Saltwater fish live in the saltwater seas and oceans around the world.

saltwater fish need to breath in saltwater and not fresh water. just like we need to breath in oxygen and not carbon dioxide.

Saltwater is a solution because you can get fresh water and some salt and mix it and then you get saltwater.

The density of saltwater is 1.03g/ml!

saltwater freshwater saltwater freshwater

Saltwater corrodes some metals.

they are both saltwater and freshwater

The water in the sea and oceans are saltwater.

Saltwater is heavier because saltwater contains salt which adds to its overall weight. Freshwater does not have any dissolved salt so it is lighter then saltwater

The Nile river is indeed a freshwater river. The saltwater crocildiles are there because the tide of the Mediterranean brings in saltwater, giving saltwater crocs a good habitat.