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What is the admission process provo canyon school?

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PROVO CANYON SCHOOLProvo Canyon School, located in Utah, Provo close to University Ave. is a residential treatment school and safe/ right choice for Teens with behavioral problems.

At Provo Canyon School, we are committed to finding the most appropriate care for each adolescent. We begin the admission process by obtaining relevant information from parents or guardians, counselors, therapists, physicians or other professionals who have worked with the adolescent. Results of any psychiatric or psychological testing, as well as information on any other hospitalizations, are particularly helpful. This material is then carefully reviewed by our multi-disciplinary Admissions Committee.

The Admissions Committee at Provo Canyon School will make a determination of acceptance into the program after reviewing all of the available information. If, after careful consideration, we feel that Provo Canyon School is not the most appropriate program for the adolescent, we will make every effort to recommend other options.

Admission can be denied at Provo canyon school, for the following reasons...

· If the child is in need of hospitalization due to a severe psychiatric disorder.

· Impairment due to brain injury.

· Pregnancy.

· Social disorders of the most severe kind.

· Instances of violent behavior, which may not allow the child to adjust in a group environment.

· Any form of physical handicap that can prevent the child from active participation in school programs.

· If the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the child is below 80.

· Diabetes, food Allergies that require special diets, epilepsy and hemophilia, any ailment that prevents the child from participation in Provo Canyon School activities.

You can visit Provo Canyon School website -

Provo Canyon School Admission Procedure

The process of admission at Provo Canyon School begins with information gathering on the prospective student.

The data is obtained from:

· Parents or guardians

· Therapists

· Physicians

· Counselors

· Psychiatric test results

· Psychological tests

· Previous hospitalization records.

Any other persons who have worked with the child are also contacted. The Provo Canyon admission committee reviews this data. The committee then decides on the admission. There are chances that the Provo Canyon committee may find the adolescent unsuitable for admission. The school will try its best to suggest other options for the adolescent.

Provo Canyon School is not another school. It is a treatment and residential facility for children suffering from certain problems.

The required conditions for admission at Provo Canyon School are as follows:

· The adolescents should be aged between 12 to 17 years.

· The school treats children with problems for behavior, emotional problems and learning disabilities.

· The resultant problems may include: frustration, intolerance, drug abuse, depression, lack of self-esteem and making decisions.

· Difficulties with the family that include running away from home, defying home rules, violent behavior, verbally hostile, no emotional links in the family.

· Cases of stealing, damaging property, illegal activities, and a regular absentee from the school, participating in theft recorded against the child.

· Consistently performing poorly academically, causing disturbance in the classroom, lack of learning ability-noticeable in class.

Adolescents can be denied admission for the following reasons at Provo Canyon School:

· The IQ or Intelligence Quotient of the child is below 80, thus has extreme learning disabilities.

· Inability to take part in school program due to brain injury.

· Unable to participate in the school program due to the inability of the child.

· Hospitalization required due to severe psychiatric disorder.

· In case of pregnancy.

· A history of violent behavior that would be disruptive to the Provo Canyon School environment.

· Social disorders that prevents interaction of the child with others.

· Other factors that may cause denial of admission are hemophilia, epilepsy, severe medical illness and food allergies that may require special diets.

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