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What is the advantage of using plastics?

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Plastics offer advantages over metal in weight, manufacturing costs, and corrosion resistance.

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What are the advantages of hips plastic?

Using plastics for hips means that the joint will work for a long time. Another advantage is the fact that plastics don't really break.

Advantage of plastics?

the plastics are cheap, durable and easily made into intricate shapes.

What 3 advantages of using corn-based plastics instead of oil-based plastics?

What 3 advantages of using corn-based plastics instead of oil-based plastics?

Advantages and disadvantages of plastics?

Plastics are cheap and can be molded into many things. One drawback to using plastics is they harm the environment.

What acid is in plastic?

Plastics contain no acids. In fact, some of the plastics are synthetized using organic acids.

How can you control the use of plastic?

we can control the use of plastics by using paper bags instead of polythene bags, by recycling some plastics and using renewable resources.

Advantage of using template in an organization?

advantage of using template in an orgainsation

What are 2 disadvantages of using plastics?

But synthetic polymers have caused some problems, too. Many of the disadvantages of using plastics come from the same properties that make them so useful. For example, it is often cheaper to throw plastics away and make new ones than it is to reuse them. As a result, plastics increase the volume of trash.

How can you minimize environmental degradation?

mostly to avoid using plastics.

Why did china stop using plastics?

it helps saving trees

What is the advantage of using telnet in router configuration?

The main advantage of using this is remote access on the network.

which of these is advantage of using natural gas?

It is fairly safe for use in homes.

Pvc is a thermoplastic give the main advantage of thermoplastics?

Thermoplastic plastics melt when heated and therefore can be easily molded and recycled. In comparison, Thermoset plastics utilize a chemical reaction to cure and irreversibly set.

What companies produce threaded plastic products?

The companies that produce threaded plastics products are the plastics fabricator companies. Threaded plastics are also made by injection moldings and using various kinds of other machines.

What are the advantages of using oil?

The advantage of using oil is to make things work. (For example you take advantage of oil by using it in transportation.)

Which of the following is an advantage to using graphs and diagrams?

They help to visualize the problem.

LIST the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic?

less down 5 example of advantages and disadvantage of using plastics

Advantage by using handphone?

what is advantages of using handphones????

What is the advantage and disadvantage of using a computerized system in front office?

Advantage and disadvantage of Using a Computerized Account System

Which of the following is an advantage to using tables?

Tables can help to see patterns in data. [APEX]

The advantage of using Google Chrome?

There is a big advantage using Google Chrome. It is the fluency of all Google products running on it.

What is an advantage of using a network print server?

The advantage of using a print server is that your printer is not connected to any computer on your network.

Advantage of using thermostat in an iron?

The advantage of using the thermostat is so you don't burn or scorch your clothes when you are using it. An iron can become very hot quickly.

What is another advantage of using a computer-generated model of a car?

It me sara i am using ur account

Why it is not practical to stop using plastics?

It's not simply a case of simply stopping using plastics. It's just that plastic doesnt decay, so - if it's just put into landfill - it can stay there for a hundred years before it decomposes. Plastics are infinitely recyclable - therefore every piece of plasti waste should be re-used.