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What is the age of Western Field single shot bolt action 22 rifle Model M815 MFG 320?

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Made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards during the 1960's and early 1970's. Were not required to have serial number until 1968, but many guns made for Wards were serialized before then for Wards' accounting purposes.

2006-08-05 10:21:19
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When were western model 37 bolt action rifles made?

Your Western Field model 37 bolt action rifle was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 30 and your rifle are one and the same.The Mossberg model 30 single shot .22cal rifle was made from 1933-1935.

How old is a Western Field Model 155a bolt action 410 gauge shotgun what does the A stand for?

A" designates single shot.

What would be the value of a revelation western field model 103 lever action single shot 22 rifle?


Is the mossberg model 45A the same as a western field bolt action 22 rifle model?

The mossberg model 45A is the same gun as the western field model 47.

Who made westernfield model 31 22 lr bolt action?

The Western Field model 31A was made by Mossberg and Sons firearm Company.The Mossberg model 40,or model 44 while be the same as your Western Field bolt action rifle.

Who made the wards western field xnh-ion22cal?

If your rifle is a single shot bolt action, I believe that was made by Noble as their Model 10.

What is the value of a 1930's wards western field model 36D 22 calibur bolt action single shot rifle?


Who was the manufacturer of a Western Field model 732A bolt action rifle?


When was the western field model 770a 30.06 bolt action rifel made?

your western Field model 770a was made for Montgomery Wards(western Field) by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 472 and your rifle are one and the same.These rifles were made between 1974-1976.

Who manufactured the western field m766 bolt action rifle It's a 7mm mag?

Your western field model m766 was made by mossberg.The mossberg model 810B is the same firearm.

When was the Western Field bolt action 410 shotgun model M150D made?


Who manufactured the Wards Western Field model ENJ-807 22 cal LR single shot bolt action rifle?

I understand it was Colt Colteer.

What is the value of a Montgomery Ward Western Field model 712?

The Montgomery Ward Western Field model 712 is a common bolt action rifle. It doesn't have an enormous value of about $200 to $350.

Who manufactured Wards Western Field 22 bolt action model 47c?

Your .22cal bolt action rifle was made by mossberg.The model number is mossberg model 45A.

Who manufactured the Western Field Model 175B 20 gauge bolt action shotgun.?


What is the value of a western field 20 gauge bolt action model 15k or x?


Who made the western field model M149A bolt action 20 gauge shotgun?

Mossberg made that shotgun for Montgomery Ward's Western Field fun line. It was the Model 185 in Mossberg shotgun line.

What is the value of a Western Field model M79 30-30 rifle and who made it?

Western Field lever-action .30-30 rifles were made by Marlin. TexasCharley -- EXCEPT for this one -- The Western Field Model 79 is actually a version of the Mossberg Model 472 lever action .30/30. They sell for $150-$200 retail in VG condition.

What is the age and value of western field 740a?

I can say that the Western field model 740A is the Marlin model 336 lever action rifle that was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field).These rifles are valued at between 200-300 dollars,depending on the overall condition and a good bore.

What year is a wards western field 22 model 39?

If your 22 rifle is a bolt action single shot, it is likely a Mossberg Model 25. That rifle was made from 1935-1936, and continued as the 25A to 1938. Yes it is a single shot bolt 22.. THANKS

What is the value of Western Field Model 822 22 magnum bolt action rifle?

$20,000 $20000

What is the value of a 22 caliber Western Field Model 36 bolt action?

Prewar Mossberg. $100.

Who made and what is the value of western field 16 gauge bolt action model 30A?

montgomary ward

Where do you find a repair manual for a Western Field model M72 lever action?

You must have a Western Field Model 72C lever action rifle, which is a Mossberg 472C. Try or eBay for an owner's manual. A repair manual is going to be tough as the gun is not well known.

Any Information on Montgomery Wards shotgun Western Field model 36. I have my grandfathers and would like to know some history on it and value?

Correction.... It is a single barrel, pump action