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What is the age of a 12 gauge Massachusetts Arms Co Chicopee Falls Mass single shot shotgun?


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Massachusetts Arms Company: Trade name used by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Company on firearms for Blish, Mizet and Silliman Hardware Company of Atchinson, KS. The name is also attributed to Crescent Firearms, but a single shot with a Chicopee Falls address is almost certainly a Stevens.

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Savage guns were manufactured in Chicopee Falls from 1946 to 1960. A 410 single shot could bring from $75 to $150.

Riverside Arms Chicopee Falls Massus. (569HF

The address of the Chicopee Falls Branch Library is: 216 Broadway, Chicopee, 01020 2621

patented Dec. 11. 1900 probably a Stevens modelAnswerThe date mentioned in the first response is indeed a J. Stevens patent. Shotgun Markings says that Massachusetts Arms single shotguns by Stevens were made "1920 and later". If that date does not belong with the gun in the original question, the REAL Massachusetts Arms Company made a few shotguns in Chicopee Falls between 1860 and 1893. These would have an unusual tip-up action and look a bit odd when compared to a modern single shot top-break.

The phone number of the Chicopee Falls Branch Library is: 413-592-1820.

Teddy Charles was born on April 13, 1928, in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, USA.

Made during the 1920's. Value on any of these single-shot shotguns tops out under $100.

savage arms company was located in chicopee falls mass. from 1946-1960.

Riverside Arms Company in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts made and sold guns and ammunition to customers. The US Pat Feb 10, 1914 refers to a firearm that was produced by the company.

== == One is for sale at the Red Mill antiques in Bloomsburg, PA for $198. (07/29/2006)

New utility grade single shot .410's (NEF) are about $90. A good used one should be worth about 2/3 as much.

This trade name gun was made for Blish, Mizet and Silliman Hardware Company of Atchinson, KS, by J Stevens Arms Co c. 1920-1945.

$100 - $200, assuming in useable condition but not 100% new condition

The Stevens/Springfield single-shots routinely bring under $100 at retail.

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