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What is the average age for children to start weight training?

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i am 12 years old and weigh111

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At what age is weight training incoporated into football?

they like to start kids in junior high on weight training for football.

How should weight training often start?

Before you start weight training it is always important to stretch so you do not pull any muscles while working out.

When can I start training another language to children?


How can you start a children safety training program?

First you get a license then you advertise.

How do you start weight lifting?

You get weights and lift them or join a sport/ training group

What is the best way to start a weight training routine safely?

The best way to start a weight training routine safely is to start out slow and move your self up the chains. Do your maxes and cut that in half for your routine schedule. You maxes should increase slowly.

What is the best age for kids to start weight training?

I would guess 12 - when they start junior high school.

Is it better to start weight training during or after puberty?

it doesn't matter You can do minor training during Puberty but ask a trainer for guidance.

when training for the first time is it best to start off with the smallest dumbbell set?

When you first start weight training, you should start with a weight that you can do comfortably. Even if it is only 2 or 4 lbs., you will start to build muscle mass over time. Once you level off, you can then move up to a higher weight.

When doing weight-training exercises what muscle groups should you start?

crotch muscles

What affects do you see if you start weight training when you are too young?

stunted growth can be one of the affects

I'm looking for a good weight training video to use at home. I need to save time and continue to work out. Which one should I start with?

You should start with a weight training video from Cathe Friedrich's Pure Strength series. I've found those to be the best to begin with. I really enjoy the Firm Strength weight training videos. They help you tone everything from your arms to your core and your legs.

I would like to start weight training. Any ideas for a safe weight loss while I am weight training?

While you are weight training, you will build muscles. These muscles will have its own mass and add to your overall weight. However, as they become bigger and more effective, they will burn more fat. You may notice some weight loss, and this is safe. If you do not want to bulk up, do not use weights that are too heavy.

Is it ok for a pitbull to pull weight?

It is ok. When you start training a dog to pull weight, a heavy weight from the begining is not good. You should start with a light weight and work it from there.Update: I finally found a link to put in this question in the related links box below.

Will weight training shoes protect my feet?

Yes, weight training shoes may help protect your feet from harm while working out. It is also important that you start out slowly and gradually increase your weight training. It is also useful to stretch and warm up the body before a heavy work out to avoid injury.

When can you start potty training?

Most children begin potty training sometime around 18 months to three years of age. Every child is different and you shoul make sure your child understands what their body is doing before you start training

What is good weight training equipment for a beginner?

I would suggest a common exercise bicycle, some 5 - 15 pound dumbbell weights and a bench. These are good starters for a beginner to start with when they enter the world of weight training.

At what age should one introduce a potty chair?

The widely debated topic of when to start potty training has been discussed on numerous occasions. Because of the diversity in the development of children, the average range for potty training should be anywhere from between 18 months to 3 years.

How do I start sales training?

You can look it up

When should you start weight training?

Starting weight training depends on exactly why you want to do so. For example, weight training can be a bad idea for many things, especially if you do not have a good trainer. You can begin weight training anytime after you are 16 years old. (There are stories of great body builders who have begun as early as 12) but beginning at around 16 is safer because you would have attained a decent bone growth and height Remember to eat healthy and take the guidance of a good trainer without which the chances of you hurting yourself due to weight training are pretty high...

If you have got a bit of fat on your arms can you still get ripped by lifting weights?

You sure can! It is definitely not a problem - it actually does the opposite of what you may think. When you start weight training, the fat on your arms will start disappearing if you are on a proper diet. This is because weight training makes you have more mass, making your skin tighter and that fat or loose skin will slowly start to fade off.

Improving Health Through Weight Training.?

It is shocking to realize just how many members of our society suffer from a weight problem. This obesity epidemic is driving record rates of heart disease, diabetes, and many other health problems. Each and every one of us paying for the obesity problem. If you're interested in becoming healthier yourself, we suggest that you investigate the benefits of weight training routines. You can start weight training for the relatively low cost of a pair of dumbbells, available at any local hardware store. When beginning your journey into weight training, be sure to start small and gradually work your way up.

What sort of accessories do you need for weight training?

Most people start out with gloves (to save their hands from callouses) and a strap belt.

How can you gain weight without eating more?

To gain weight without adjusting your diet, think about weight lifting and start doing some strength training. Muscle weighs more than fat.

How much weight should a13 yr start with?

A 13 year old should start with weight that is comfortable for them for a couple of reasons. One, I assume that the individual is starting a weight training program for the first time. When someone first starts strength training program their first initial gains are not cause by increase muscle strength but from neuromuscular coordination. So the 13 year old should start their program with weights that are not out of their comfort zone. So somewhere between 70% of there max weight of main compound lifts.