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What is the average cost for table salt in a year?

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2009-12-26 04:43:00

If a person was following the daily recommended allowance for

sodium and he/she received all their sodium from table salt, they

would take 4000 mg (4 grams) per day, which is equivalent to 1600

mg of sodium. So table salt, sodium chloride, requirement for 1

year would be 4 grams x 365 days = 1460 grams of salt. In the

United States, salt is sold by the pound (which weighs 454 grams).

So, in a year, a person would need 3.22 pounds of salt, which costs

about 85 cents per pound, so the total in salt would be $2.73


Most of the sodium we eat is not from salt but is already in the

food, so this answer could vary greatly depending on your diet.

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