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What is the average cost for window replacements We have 10 to replace and they must be very good quality because of the winters here?

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$100 - Lowes

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What do chemical replacements do?

replace chemicals

How do you replace the cat converter?

Direct replacements are bolted in and some aftermarkets are welded in.

Can I order replacements for my old signs?

The company that you initially purchased them from may provide replacements for a discounted price if you do it through them. Depending on if it was partially their fault, they may even replace them free of charge.

What is the average price of cheap patio furniture?

A cheap patio set can be purchased for as little as $50, although the average is $75. Keep in mid that you get what you pay for and may have to replace a set of this quality yearly.

What is a rear knuckle?

It is a critical component of the rear suspension which GM charges 500 to 700 because a set of bushings go bad. You can replace them by pressing out the old and pressing in new replacements from an Auto Parts dealer.

How much does is cost to replace a rearview mirror on a Ford Fusion?

It should not cost a lot to replace a rear view mirror. Usually replacements can be bought with glue, these can run from $30-$70.

Can you remove teeth and replace them with new ones?

Yes, yes you can! First make an appointment with a dentists and he/she will remove the teeth and replace it with a new one. Hilary Duff got teeth replacements

What are popular meal replacements for vegans?

Actually there are several options for meal replacements for vegans. Some examples include "Vegan Complete Meal Replace Dietary Supplement Vanilla" by "Pure Advantage" or "Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes" by "LiveStrong".

What kind of problems might you run into if you replace your mustang 4.6 with a newer 4.6?

There should not be any issues. They are direct replacements for each other.

When an army soldier dies who replaces his or her position in the squad or platoon?

Situation dependent. The squad may be broken down to replace lost members of other squads, or another squad may be broken down to replace lost members of that and other squads. Reservists may be called up as replacements, new inprocessing soldiers may be sent as replacements, etc.

What is cost to replace head gasket of 2003 Ford Taurus?

The cost to replace a head gasket for a 2003 Ford Taurus varies depending on the quality of parts and what is charged for labor. Average costs for the job can run anywhere from $200-$450.

What is the average monthly cost for furniture?

it doesnt have a monthly cost because you don't replace furniture every month

Can you live if you replace all your bones like they do for hip and knee replacements?

no at somepoint the relacements are all going to brake and you would just be a big blob

Can you get a tooth implant from a dentist?

It is possible to obtain a tooth implant by qualified dentist. There are also alternative replacements of various materials that can be chosen to replace a tooth.

How do you replace a power steering hose for a 2002 cavalier?

They just thread on and replacements are readily available, you just need to know high or low side.

Lost your only key to a Ford Windstar 2001 - how can you get replacements?

Ford Dealership should be able to help. If not you may have to replace the ignition and steering column .$$$.

How can you improve lighting for Subaru Outback?

you can have the head lites adjusted correctly and/or replace the bulbs with brighter aftermarket hallogen ones.(sylvania has briter replacements available).

Vidal sassoon blow dryer 1875 fine comb replacement?

I am looking to replace the fine comb for the Vidal Sassoon hair dryer...

How much should it cost to replace wheel bearings on a 2007 Honda Civic?

Both front wheel bearing replacements, $450 to $550 parts and labor.

My rotary actuator broke. How much will it cost to replace?

Rotary actuators average around $100 to replace. They are important because they move the read/write head to the proper data track.

How much does an average carburetor cost to replace?

$350 is average but it varies with the application.

How do you replace the O2 sensors on 94 Camry SE; the replacements you bought are 3 inches shorter than the originals?

you have the wrong parts, go to the dealer and get the correct ones.

I lost my cabinet keys - how to replace?

If you lost your cabinet keys, you can call the cabinet maker and see if they have replacements. You can also call a locksmith to make a new set of keys.

What is average cost to replace brakes on 2005 Pontiac g6?

It depends on the quality of the pads you go with. They're generally around $25-35 for a pair, so you're looking at somewhere around $60 for all four pads. Rotors are around $45 a piece depending on quality and size.

How do you replace Brakes on a 2003 Ford Explorer?

How hard and how do you replace the rear disc brakes on a 2003 Ford explorer? I have replaced a lot of brakes from 60s and 70s to the newest replacements of 91 Ford explorers and 91 Ford f-250s front rotors.