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Please seek legal advice on this one as it could get sticky. You want to do it legally and correct so there are no surprises down the road. Good luck!

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Was Adolf Hitler adopted?

No, he was not. But his father was semi-adopted by his stepfather.

The current Constitution of Illinois was adopted in what year?

The current constitution of Illinois was adopted in 1970.

What relationship is your wife's stepfather to you?

If your wife was adopted by her stepfather, he would be your (adoptive) father-in-law. Otherwise, he is your stepfather-in-law, and only her biological father is your father-in-law. Also, if you have children, he will be their step-grandfather.

Is a stepfather legally the parent of his stepchildren?

In most countries, only if he officially adopted them.

When was Illinois state bird adopted?

The Northern Cardinal was adopted as state bird of Illinois in the year 1929.

When was the first Illinois constitution written and adopted?

The first Illinois Constitution was adopted on August 26, 1818.

Could a teenager live with their biological father if they have been adopted by their stepfather?

Yes, they could.

What year was the Illinois flag adopted?

The official state flag was adopted in July 1,1970 -illinois constitution book

What is the definition of a dad?

A dad is a father, possibly a stepfather or adopted father; a male parent or guardian.

Do stepchildren have rights to the estate of their stepfather in California?

No. Not unless they were legally adopted by him and then depending on their ages and state laws.

Which pricing policy adopted by Nike in south African country?

Which pricing policy adopted by nike in south African country?"

When was the Illinois constitution adopted?

it is 1970 class of 2010

The Illinois constitution now in effect was the adopted in?


Illinois present constitution was adopted in?

The most recent constitution in Illinois was on July 1st 1971

When was the current Illinois constitution adopted?

The current Illinois constitution was adopted on December 15, 1970. This is also the fourth constitution after 100 years of adopting the third constitution in 1870.

What is Illinois official state slogan?

"Land of Lincoln" was adopted as Illinois official state motto in 1955.

When was Illinois flag officially adopted?

June 14, 1777

Do step fathers have rights to children if married to bio mother?

Unless the stepfather has legally adopted the children, he has no built-in legal right to them.

The present Illinois Constitution was adopted in what year?

1818 when they were admitted to the union

What relationship is your step father's wife to you?

In most cases, your stepfather's wife is your mother. If your stepfather is no longer married to your mother, and has married someone else, then that person is not related to you (unless you count "step-stepmother") and, assuming the marriage ended in divorce, he is now your ex-stepfather. However, if your stepfather is your legal guardian, or has adopted you, it may be convenient to consider his wife to be your stepmother.

If there was never any court-ordered child support is the biological father of a child responsible for child support if the child is adopted by his stepfather?

In general, no.

Can a child at age 14 decide if he wants to be adopted by his stepfather?

If his biological father gives up his parental rights, yes then he can if he wants and if the judge agrees.

When was the Illinois state flower adopted?

On January 21, 1908 the native violet was approved as the official state flower of the State of Illinois

Could a stepfather get custody of your 2 girls if something should happen to you you have full custody and their biological father has a criminal history?

In order for the stepfather to gain custody in the event of the mother's death, there would first have to be a number of circumstances. If the father is no longer in jail, has a job, home, and a means to provide the children a safe, stable environment, he would likely be the one to get custody. Having a criminal history doesn't necessarily make a parent unfit. But if he were to sign consent for the stepfather to adopt the children, then the stepfather would get custody.But if the stepfather has not adopted the children, there is also the fact of grandparents, aunts and uncles, in addition to the father, who would possibly try to get custody if the stepfather has not already adopted the children.The best thing to do would be to talk to an attorney and find out what your options are. You should also talk to your family and let them know your wishes should something happen to you.

What African kingdom adopted Christianity?

It is most likely Kenya.