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What kind of repair are we talking? However, The cost of replacing a part is a very general question that unless specified exactly is hard to answer. First, is who is replacing the part? Is the Dealer, an independent repair shop, a junkyard, the guy next door or you doing the replacement. These will all yield different prices. Not to mention that within all of these will be different labor rates and different part price mark ups. Second, what is the quality of the part? Is it a name brand, generic (white box, economy), OEM or used part? All of these will be different. Price will even differ between name brands, sometimes significantly. Thirdly, What is the warranty of the part and who is offering the warranty (the shop the parts house or the manufacturer). Limited Lifetime will have restrictions. Lifetime warranty isn�t always the best part either. Fourthly, Each vehicle can have different options that will affect how long it takes to change a part or make it call for a different part. Such as heavy duty cooling system, air conditioning, 4x4�s may have a steel plate that may need removal

In other words, I don't know the answer.

to rebuilt a transmission on a voyager, it costs about $1200, but you can get a rebuilt one for only $850. plus, consider the labor....

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Q: What is the average cost of repairing automatic transmission for 1998 Voyager van?
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What is the average cost of repairing automatic transmission for 2004 Ford Explorer?

we recently replaced our transmission on a 2002 explorer for $2400

What is the average cost of repairing an Ford S-Max?

What is the average cost of repairing the transmission in a Ford S-Max

What is average cost of repairing automatic transmission for a 1994 Chevrolet Lumina?

From my own front wheel drive transmission rebuild experience it depends on the severity of the damage that needs to be repaired. You will probably spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500-$2500.

What is the average cost to repair a 1995 Mercedes SL320 automatic transmission?

Average cost is $4,000 to overhaul the 722.5 transmission in the sl320.

What is the average life on a Toyota Avalon Transmission?

Automatic: 125,000 milesManual:180,000+

What is average cost of auto transmission rebuild on Ford Ranger?

What is the average cost of a 97 ford ranger automatic transmission 4 Wheel drive Extended cab

What is the average lifespan of an automatic transmission in an Oldsmobile Intrigue?

With proper maintenance should last life of vehicle

What is the average cost for a repairing automatic transmission for 2003 Mitsubishi Diamante?

From my limited knowledge the cost in New Zealand currancy is $4000. plus. I purchases a 2003 model on a auction on the Friday recently , gave my new car a Lube and changed the power steering oil drove 580 kms from Christchurch to Invercargill and then the automatic transmission blew up. That's my experience with my newly purchased car for which under New Zealand law we have no redress to recover cost from the auctioneer . I was not notified that the car haad a transmission issue.

What is the average cost of repairing a Hyundai Accent transmission?

depending on where ya live the states or Canada but from about 2000.that would be rebuilding the transmisison taking it in and out and fluid would be extra

How much does an FJ Cruiser cost on average?

The base price for the Toyota FJ Cruiser begins at $27,030. The 4x4 MT(manual transmission) is $28,210 and the 4x4 AT(automatic transmission) is $28,620.

What is a style of transmission?

There are multiple styles of transmissions. There is the average automatic and standard (or manual) transmissions. And then there is the sequential transmission, which is essentially an automatic, but also gives the driver the ability to shift gears manually without the use of a clutch. And finally there is the CVT or continuously variable transmisson, which is a gearless transmission that works with a belt and variable pulleys.

What is the average cost for a reseal job on an automatic transmission?

An Average cost on this repair is about $140-$150. The price could drop or raise based on the worker, shop and other charges and taxes.

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