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This ranges all over the board and what is required. they usually START at 50-100 dollars. A place like Firestone/Bridgestone, Expert Tire, Tires Plus, offer lifetime alignments for about $140; and you can have it aligned every 6,000 for FREE for as long as you own the car! And no, I don't work there.

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Q: What is the average fee for tire alignment?
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Average fee for tire balancing?

twelve dollars

Do you need an alignment with a bigger size tire?

A tire alignment is not necessary when changing tire sizes. You can tell by the wear on your previous tires if you need an alignment. If you have uneven wear, get an alignment.

What is the typical fee for disposing of an old tire at a car tire shop?

The typical fee for disposing of an old tire when you purchase a new tire at a tire shop is $1-$3 per tire. The fee is regulated or determined by the state, county or city in some places and it appears the national average is just over $1 per tire. It also appears that the larger the tire the higher the disposal fee.

Do we need wheel alignment with tire change?

If you bought new tires I would suggest you get an alignment also, this way you are ensuring the life of the tire. Plus some tire shops will not warranty the life of the tire if you have a bad alignment

What would make a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer pull to the left?

Low tire pressure, tire sizes that do not match, out of alignment, or bent suspension parts.Low tire pressure, tire sizes that do not match, out of alignment, or bent suspension parts.

What does a tire toe alignment mean?

Tire toe alignment means that the tire has to be aligned with the "toe" of the car which is the shell that covers the car. This allows the tires to be easily adjusted if needed.

How can I check my tire track alignment?

I would take it to your local tire store. Most of those places can check it for you. It's not really something that an average person should try to attempt on their own.

How much does wheel alignment cost at tire kingdom?


Free Wheel Alignment with Any Tire Purchase

What causes wear on the inside of a front tire of a 2001 Chevy venture?

Front end is out of alignment. Take it to a trusted alignment shop and have an alignment performed.

Your car shakes on the highway do you need a wheel alignment?

There are all sorts of things that can cause a car to shake. Needing an alignment is just one. There could be a tire out of balance, a bad spot in a tire, even a tire that is low on air pressure. Check all of these before you spend the money on an alignment.

Can tire rotations extend tire tread?

yes. but the biggest preventatives are proper tire pressure and alignment angles (toe, camber)

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