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What is the average typing speed?


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The average typing speed is 38-40 words per minute (wpm) for adults in a professional working environment (despite many incorrect reports on the web that it is 50-60 wpm).

Some administrative assistants can type 70-80 wpm or more. Optimal typing speeds for professional secretaries and data entry personnel are 90-120 wpm (110 wpm or more is quite rare).

Some data entry jobs require a minimum of 8,000 keystrokes per hour (kph). (A keystroke is an individual letter, number, space or other character.) Average data entry personnel can type 10,000 to 12,000 kph or more. Some data entry personnel can type 15,000 to 20,000 kph (although this is rare).

Typing speed improves with practice. If you would like to improve your typing speed, trying taking passages from a magazine or book you enjoy and type them. As you type for longer periods (15 minutes or more), you will reach a rhythm and will often begin to type faster. Check your work for typos. If you make consistent spelling errors, practice typing the word correctly 50-100 times. This will help reset your brain to type it correctly in the future. This is important since nearly all typing tests take accurate spelling into account.

The average for typing speed you can see here

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The average typing speed of student is 55. The typing speed above 60 is considered to be good. The typing speed above 100 is considered to be excellent

28 wpm is average You can see here

The average speed of typing for an individual varies. Typically the average speed is 30-40 words per minute. Professionals, of course, type an average of 90-120 words per minute. Hope this helps.

Depends on how old you are. A good typing speed would be about in the 50s or 60s of wpm. Anything higher then 100 is considered amazing. My average typing speed is about 55 wpm.

A typing test measures your typing speed and accuracy.

There are a number of sites that offer speed typing tests. Sites such as Type Online, Typing Test and Typing Web all have a speed typing test and also lessons on how to type faster.

it should be at least 50 wpm but most of 10th grader have it more than 60 wpm i am in grade 10 and my typing speed is 65 or some wpm

I believe that's the typing speed, with corrections (deductions) for errors.

Yes, Caffeine does effect the speed of typing..

The fastest typing speed was by a women maintaining a speed of 212 wpm.

Average typing speed does not contain an age factor. Rather, typing speed is built up by keyboarding practice. An average speed for most is around 60 wpm. A nine year old may type faster or slower than this. Also spelling errors would need to be deducted from the average word per minute. Since a nine year old does not have the same spelling foundation as you or I, there speed may be much slower. Test typing speeds once every quarter and follow this formula - Over all words typed - incorrect words ÷ 60 seconds = adjusted WPM

The goal for Gregg shorthand speed is 120 wpm, just as the goal for typing speed is 60 wpm.

Typing speed is measure in the number of words that are typed per minute (WPM).

Caffeine is a stimulant, which is the reason it could affect your typing speed.

I am the fastest typer in my class (I am 9 and can type 65 - 72WPM) so an adult should type about the same.

Yes, speed exercises can and will greatly improve typing performance. It allows for practice and will help you to be come more proficient. It is a great way to increase your typing speed.

Barbara Blackburn, at her top speed of 212 WPM (words per minute) is the fastest typing speed. I can only do 90.

50 to 60 words per minute is considered as a pretty good speed for typing

Average speed for anybody is just under 40 wpm, and (well-to-do) 6th graders would most likely have a similar, but slightly slower average. However, speeds would vary greatly.

Well, I am about 13 years old and I can type 75-80 wpm.

Typing speed is calculated in WPM (Words Per Minute). You can calculate the typing speed by setting time manually or using online tools or software. You can find one such test in the related links...

Typing of the Dead is a game designed to improve your typing speed. You can download Typing Of The Dead Game from the Related links below.

Practicing touch typing will increase your typing speed. offers an accurate typing speed test. You can also find this test at

The average typing speed is 40 numbers per minute. The speed includes the ability to type the numbers correctly without mixing them up or looking at the keyboard.

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