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I wouldn't even go with "bare minimum" because we all need protein, green veggies, etc., in our diet to keep our body healthy.

I know gaining weight is tough on some people, but there are several options to go by (but remember, losing weight too fast can leave you looking pretty sickly.)

Weight Watchers is a terrific place to "learn to eat better and lose weight." I have lost 45 lbs., on it and kept it off. Why does this program work? It works because they teach you how to eat properly. It's so true that most people don't know how to eat properly in this busy world we live in and "indulge" a great deal in fast foods which are loaded with fat unless you are smart and pay attention to the restaurants that are now forced to serve healthier food. I don't call "Weight Watchers" going on a diet because they simply taught me to think before I put something in my mouth. They organized each person's program so it fit into their schedules and if you wanted to go out on the weekend how to eat properly during the day, saving your calories for the evening and yes, you could cheat a little. This is one of the reasons this program is so healthy and successful, because you don't feel (after a bit) that you are even on a diet. They teach you to weigh your food at first, then it just becomes habit. I could go out on the weekend and have a great time with friends for an evening and eat what I wanted, but then I had learned to control my calories and started to eat properly again. I never gained my weight back.

There is also the controversial "Atkins Diet", but before you go on this one please see your doctor.

Also if you are on any medications (particularly for depression) these medications can also put weight on you, but with the diet at Weight Watchers you can still lose this weight.

Get some exercise (fast walking somewhere with a friend if you can't afford to go to a gym), tennis, (anything active.) It's very important to drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day as it flushes out fat and the body's impurities keeping your kidneys functioning well.

If you get down and you have lost only 1 - 2 lbs., at a time at the beginning of "Weight Watchers" (it speeds up) take a full pound of butter in your hand and that is l lb. of fat you have just lost off your body.

. Please don't starve yourself.

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Q: What is the bare minimum you need to eat in order to not gain weight back and store fat after losing weight?
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