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What is the best STP product for gasoline?

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Use of octane boosters is simply a waste of money unless your vehicle is knocking. The best maintenance product from STP is the general fuel treatment - Select one that removes water/moisture from your fuel tank.

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What is a product of gasoline and water?

Dilute gasoline

Is gasoline a product of agriculture?

No. Gasoline is a product of the petroleum industry, generally considered part of the mining industry. Ethanol, which is an agriculture product is sometimes blended into gasoline for cars.

Does gasoline dissolve in water?

No. Gasoline is an oil product and does not mix with water.

When was gasoline invented?

Gasoline was not invented, it is a natural by-product of the petroleum industry.

What is meant by straight run gasoline?

From the Crude Splitter Column top tray, gasoline in vapor form is condensed in the condenser overhead vessel. The gasoline product from the vessel is sent to the gasoline stripper column. The bottom product of this gasoline stripper column is termed SR Gasoline.

Is gasoline a product of petroleum?


The gasoline additive STP is said to stand for scientifically treated petroleum but what did it stand for originally?

Studebaker Test Products

At STP what is the best conductor of electricity?


Paint gasoline and plastic come from this product?


In what year was gasoline discovered?

Gasoline was not invented since it is a natural by-product of petroleum. It is produced through the distillation of crude petroleum.

Why does gasoline do not dissolve in water?

gasoline does not dissolve in water because is part of an oil product , and oil dose not mix with water.

Who invented gasolone?

Noone is credited with the invention of gasoline because it is a by-product of petroleum product like kerosene.

Should you shower with hot water after being splashed with gasoline?

I recomend hot water as gasoline is still an oil product and will be greasy

Is gasoline reusable?

It's actually not. Gasoline is a non-renewable resource. It's actually not even a resource, it's just a product.

Does gasoline have a MSDS?

Yes gasoline does have an MSDS. Each company is responsible for providing the MSDS for their product(s) per OSHA Regulations.

The most important mineral product of northern Chile is?

gasoline and coal

Which petroleum refinery product has lowest boiling point?

Gasoline is the petroleum refinery product has lowest boiling point.

In stp what device acts as a guide to setting the best paths between switchs?

In STP, first a central switch (or bridge, as it it called in STP) is selected - the "root bridge". All other switches calculate the shortest path to this root bridge.

Who created gasoline?

Actually, gasoline was never really "invented." It is a natural by-product of petroleum. Kerosene was the main product. Gasoline was first used as a solvent. What was invented were ways to better extract crude oil and refine it into gasoline. Edward butler invented the early three wheeled auto mobile, butler petrol cycle, which accepted as first British car.

Explain the terms STP and NTP And give their values?


What products are made when you mix gasoline and kerosene?

It will not meet the specifications of a product to be sold.

Was gasoline a by product of kerosene?

No it cant be because they both come from fossil fuels

Why does car exhaust have more carbon dioxide?

It is a natural product of the combustion of gasoline.

What does a stp sa6479 air filter fit?

what do these fit ?? (stp) sa6479 and (stp) sa10115 air

Is a gasoline engine a consumer safe product?

As long as people drive vehicles in a safe and responsible manner, the gasoline engine has proven to be quite safe.

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