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Any car is start; preferably a car that will start

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โˆ™ 2006-04-27 12:45:18
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Q: What is the best car for a first time driver?
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Where is the best place to get a car driver's first time insurance quote?

You can get a car driver's insurance quote at your local bank, when you ask for an insurance quote, they will let you talk to the insurance guy from the bank.

How much will a first time driver pay for car insurance?

Typically a first time driver will pay a significant amount more in car insurance. This can be anywhere from $200 to $300.

What is the best car insurance for a first time driver?

It depends on current offers but some examples that are good for first time drivers are GEICO, State Farm and Progressive. Try to get discounts and you can end up saving a lot of money even as a first time driver.

Is a cop like car a good car for a first time driver?

i would say its a big car. but is kind of good

Which car was voted the best by Car and Driver in 2009?

The BMW 3 series/ M3 was voted the top car of 2009 by car and driver and has been that way for quite some time this car in there opnion is one of the best vehicles of nearly the past two decades not just the past year

Who pays when the person hits a car and that car hits another car and that car hits another car but the first car is totaled?

It is the fault of driver who was initially at fault. In this case it would be the driver of the first car, because it was because of him that the second car hit the third. if the car is totaled, that's the driver's problem

What is the best dealer to go to for first time car buyers?

If it is your first car that you are buying, try carmax! They will help you to find the right new or used car for the first time and have great customer service.

Who is the best race car driver?

The best NASCAR driver is Dylan Taylor

Best race car driver?

Jeff Gordon

What is the best car for a profoundly obese driver?

to not get hert

How much should car insurance go up with a youthful driver?

i added my wife today and she is a first time driver and i jumped an extra 1000 per year

Where can young people obtain car driver insurance in the UK?

Quinn Direct is one of the largest providers of first time car driver insurance in the United Kingdom. They have very competitive rates that young drivers can afford.

What is the best car for a new driver?

Mom's car, also something with air bags.

How does a car perform?

by moving by the time limit the driver want the car to go

What is the best car buying guide?

The best place to get a car buying guide would be the Consumer Reports car buying guide. You can get advice. For first time car buyers Consumer Reports is the best place to seek out information.

Best car in the world?

I think this is the best car it's the buggati veyron. Yeah that is a good car, I love it, but the best car is up to the driver. It's what they think about the car. In my case my opinion about the best car is the Nissan 370z.

What was the number of Nascar driver Dale Jarrett's first car sponsored by UPS?

Car #88 was Dale Jarrett's first car sponsored by UPS.

First thing that you should upgrade on your car for racing?

The driver

What is the best safety feature in a car?

A competent driver is the best safety feature in any vehicle.

What sport is Damon Hill best known for?

Race-Car Driver.

Where is private car job on city driver?

well first you must go taxi driver complete it then you will get it

Where is the private car job on 'city driver' game online?

you have to finish the taxi driver job first

Where can you get the best car insurance rates for a teenage driver?

The best car insurance rates for teens can be found by State Farm insurance. They have good student and good driver discounts that can lower rates by up to 40%.

Would a Mitsubishi Raider be a good car for a first time driver?

"I wouldn't think the Mitsubishi Raider would be a good first time car, because it's such a large truck. The gas mileage wouldn't be very good, and it may be hard to see around."

When making a left turn at a two way stop if an oncoming car is going straight?

If the person turning left got there first, they should go first, if a car across arrives at the same time or before, that driver should go first.