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There are many great homepages that one would be able to use on the internet. The best homepage is up to the users preference, but others have often preferred to use sites such as YouTube, Google, or Facebook.

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Q: What is the best homepage to use on the internet?
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How do you set RuneScape as your homepage?

Go 'Tools', then 'Internet Options' then 'Use Current Button' while on the RuneScape homepage.

How do you change your homepage to

If you using internet explorer, go to the page you want to set as your homepage then click 'tools' then 'internet options' then 'use current'.......... that's it, job done.....

What is the homepage in internet explorer?

Homepage on Internet explorer can be set manually. It can be set in the settings pane.

Where did my Google homepage go?

Sometimes when you download programs for your computer they try to get you to use their homepage. Depending on what internet browser you are using you can normally go to settings (In the top right), and manually put back your old homepage.

How does the internet get to your home?

go to homepage in the top

How do you get MySpace as your homepage?

go to control panel, click network & internet, under internet options click change your homepage, and type myspace.

How do you open homepage in net?

If it is a homepage it comes up first when you go on the internet. You should not have to open it.

How do you describe a homepage for anyone not familiar to the internet?

A homepage is a website that you are automatically directed to when you open up your browser. For example, if you set your homepage on Internet Explorer as "YouTube", the YouTube page will come up every time you re-open Internet Explorer.

What is an Internet homepage?

There are two uses for an Internet homepage. It can be the page that the browser opens when a specific user opens it or it can be the first page of a personal or business website.

Can I get my internet page opened with google homepage soonafter I log in to my account?

You can always mark your bookmark with the homepage as Google. You can click on the homepage bookmark to get into it.

What is the difference between homepage of website and homepage of web browser?

Homepage of web browser is the first page you see when you open up the internet. Website homepage is the first or main page of a site.

Are Internet homepages useful?

yes. homepages are useful because your homepage is where you email address takes place. it's YOUR homepage. you can edit your homepage to make it your own!

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