What is the best revenge when your mate breaks up with you and you've done everything to make it work and you still love him?

Best revenge is to be happy, wait for the right mate to come along.


Take this from my expereince. Years ago I dumped a man. I thought he would come crawling back. But guess what? he ignored me compleely. It drove me nuts to the point where I wanted him so bad. Show total indifference, treat them like they don't exist, stay away from related friends and places, and move on. Don't let them see you as it will only give them a quick fix, make them suffer by avoidance; they at first will think its cause you are so sad but after some time goes by they might think, "hey maybe they got on with their life.".


The same thing is happening right now to me. He broke up with me and I tried to talk to him by approaching him with an email and a call two weeks after and it didn't work. I do a lot of reading on male psychology and I always come across the same thing: ignore him, don't call him, don't text him or email him. If you have some of his things at your home or viceversa, forget about them for a while and I mean a long while. I know I know, not having contact with the person you love the most is way too difficult, but it is a must! After a while, he will start realizing that maybe you forgot about him and maybe are talking to somebody else. This will drive him nuts and it will take a lot of effort from him not to contact you. In my case, it's been almost a month and he hasn't move a finger to contact me, I haven't seen him or anything. Men are very different from women, just be patient and try to have lots of fun, I know it is hard because you might not be in the mood but you have to try! If you love this guy and you want to get back with him, try not to start dating, just be pretty all the time, take pictures and post them in you social network profile, he will see them trust me and make him think that there are guys checking you out. It will drive him nuts.