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The internet search engines will very often help you find an indication of salary levels for a given profession in a country. If it is a ´between x and y dollar/euro´ indication, choose high or low on that scale depending on your experience and qualifications.

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Q: What is the best thing to say when an employer asks what is your annual salary requirement?
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What is Basic Salary and Annual Salary?

Basic and annual salary are the same thing. They are how much a person makes in a year.

What is the average annual salary for a football player?

no such thing as a mothly salary. only yearly salary ranging from 100k - 20m.

You want part time big salari job at on line?

If you want a big salary then you must have something special to offer. What can you offer to an employer that they cannot get by offering a lower salary? Find that thing and develop it, then seek jobs which require it.

What is the thing that can disappoint you while working for a certain employer?

The thing which disappoint while working for an emloyer is poor attitude of employer.

What is the Mormon requirement for stockpiling food?

There is no such thing as a 'requirement' for 'stockpiling food' in Mormonism.

How much does Stephen colbert make?

$3.5 million a year + performance based annual bonuses.

What is the definition for the word requirement?

The noun 'requirement' is a a word for a necessity, an obligation, a prerequisite; a word for a thing.

How much money dose a zoologist gets?

First thing to know is if you would like to be a zoologist, you have to like your job or you and your job will sink and fail. But zoologist have a salary according to where their hired, economy, if they love their job, what their being hired for, and how good they are. If you would like to know the salary directly, ask the employer. Usually the average starting salary is $28,000-$36,000. Per year it can be $50,000-$70,000.

What does 'salary' mean?

SalarySalary is any thing that is given in return for the faith shown to the employer. The word salary started from the word Salt, since salt was earlier paid in return for the faith shown to the king and the work done. Nowadays Money is usually paid as Salary. Salary is usually paid to works other than Manual and Mechanical Works. For them usually wages are paid. Brahmajyothi

Is it legal for an employer not to give you a contract?

yes it is, but that employer isn't REALLY an employer. I would say that giving you a contract is neither a good or bad thing

Why salary caps a bad thing?


Is salary and wage the same thing?

No, salary and wage are not the same thing. A salary is a fixed amount of money that an employer agrees to pay an employee per year, for doing a specific job. For example, someone is hired to be an bookkeeper and is paid $50,000/year. Wages usually refer to an hourly rate of pay, and therefore they are not fixed; they depend upon the number of hours worked. For example, a person could be hired to load trucks for $15/hour. If he works for 3 hours, he earns $45.