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My '91 has a new engine, but they used the old head without a rebuild. I had some lifter noise, which is normal with the 4.0. Recently it became a little noisier, and I drained a pint of oil, replacing it with a pint of Marvel Mystery Oil. Within 30 miles it was much quieter. From what I understand, MMO has solvents that clean out the gunk that cleans out the passageways in the lifters allowing them to maintain pressure. I would bet that almost any lifter solvent/cleaner would do the same thing. I use MMO because it's worked for me before.

2008-05-08 16:06:49
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What are the possible causes for a tapping noise on the 2001 Dodge Intrepid Sometimes quiet sometimes loud and sometimes goes away?

Is this coming from the engine? If it is it sounds like you might have some lifter problems. Or the worse part is if you have a rod knocking. Intrepids did have some egine problems.

Can a exhaust leak sound like a lifter pecking on a 5.3 chevy motor?

Yes it can, but try to isolate the sound by using some thicker weight oil and/or oil additive like lucas to quiet the ticking lifter. If the noise doesn't change it's probably an exhaust leak, if it quiets down you might have a collapsed lifter.

Ticking noise in 25 ltr motor only 47000 miles what can you do to quiet it down?

ticking noise is usually "lifter noise". if this noise increases in speed when accelerating then it is "lifter noise". just change your oil.and or maitain proper oil level.try using a medium to thick oil 20/30 20/50 , there is a product call lucas which also helps your oil lubricate the engines moving parts easier. i have use it, and it works , it takes a few miles but it works.

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Keep clean oil in the crank case, and adding 1 quart of Lucas oil stabilizer in place of 1 quart of oil on the change will quiet them right down and improve oil pressure.

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