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What are the possible causes for a tapping noise on the 2001 Dodge Intrepid Sometimes quiet sometimes loud and sometimes goes away?


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Is this coming from the engine? If it is it sounds like you might have some lifter problems. Or the worse part is if you have a rod knocking. Intrepids did have some egine problems.


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It might be the CV joints. Go to a front suspension specialist and have it checked out.

Sometimes putting a jug of transmission fluid in your oil will clean the junk out of your lifters and stop your noise - if it is an older vehicle with adjustable rockers you can adjust and get rid of the knock.

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A tapping noise is generally the result of a bad hydraulic lifter, plugged oil passage to the lifter, or bad tappets. Sometimes just changing to lower viscosity high detergent oil will cure it. Or "Any automotive oil additive with the word MIRACLE in it".

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