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Take off the rear license plate, and go through that opening, or if you prefer, it is also popular to reach up from below the rear bumper.

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Q: What is the best way to access the brake light bulbs on 1984 Corvette?
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How do you change the brake light bulbs on a 1994 Chevy Corvette?

Change brake light bulbs Just remove the rear license plate. You can change the backup lights and brake light easily.

Why would brake light fuse keep blowing after stepping on the brakes a few times on a 1991 corvette?

It is possible that one of the bulbs is shorting out. Try replacing the brake light bulbs, if that doesn't work, troubleshoot the brake light switch.

How do you get back cover off to replace brake light on Toyota Previa 1998 automatic?

If it's the brake light in the boot lid then you have to take the cover off the inside of the boot lid and then you will have access to the light bulbs. If it's the brake light in the rear quarter panel then you open boot lid and unscrew the two bolts holding the light cluster and slide it backwards, then you will have access to the bulbs

What bulbs go in a s-10?

Headlight bulbs, high and low beam, parking light bulbs, signal light bulbs, brake light bulbs, dash light bulbs, interior light bulbs, plate light bulbs, etc.

How do you replace Toyota Highlander the top brake light?

The lamp in the top brake light of a Toyota Highlander can be replaced by the locating the light housing from the trunk. Find the light cover and remove it to access the lights. Replace the bulbs.

I have a running light but when applying the brake the brake light doesn't come on?

check light bulbs and fuses. light bulbs have 2 elements in them, one for stop and one for running. if thses are ok, replace brake light switch on brake pedal

Where is brake light switch on 1991 corvette?

just above the brake peddle

1968 Corvette brake light switch?

back side of the brake pedal

What color are your brake lights?

Brake Light ColorMine are clear bulbs ["white"] light, but the bulbs are mounted in an assembly with a red lens.

How do you change brake light on 2005 sun fire?

I haven't looked at the 2005 specifically, but on earlier models, access to the bulbs in the brake lights is via the inside of the trunk. Pull the carpet away from the body and look for the tail light housing. The bulb holders just twist out for access to the bulbs, then twist back in. FriPilot

Why brake light in rear window come on but brake lights dont on 89 Nissan Sentra bulbs are fine and brake light switch has been changed?

check your bulbs

Why does this happen Brake lights and turn signal not working in back?

It sounds to me like your bulbs are out. These bulbs have a lifespan just like the light bulbs in the lamps that you have at home. These are easy and cheap to replace, and you can usually access the bulbs from your trunk, if you own a car.

How do you replace the roof brake light bulb on a 1988 Corvette?

Open the hatch on your '88 corvette all the way. Underneth the roof brake light, inside the hatch there a couple of screws that need to be undone. Once you take these out, the entire compartment for the roof brake light will come away from the body/hatch. Then there are a couple of more screws at the bottom of the compartment that have to come out, by taking them out you will now gain access to the bul area. If my memory is correct, there is actually 3 or 4 small, but expensive bulbs inside there, anyone of which could be bad. I hope this helped.

How do you replace a brake light on 2003 Chevy Trailblazer?

Open the rear hatch and you will see the retaining screws inside the door frame.You can then drop the light out to get access to the bulbs. If no bulbs are bad then you may have a bad circuit board.

1994 mercury sable wont release out of park when foot on brake?

Put this question into google, and you will find many reasons and remedies to this problem. Ei...brake light switch, brake light bulbs, including the upper brake light bulbs.

Brake light does not work?

If it is just one brake light, the chances are good that it is the bulb. Bulbs are cheap.

What brake and tail light bulbs go in a 1994 Chevy truck?

The # is 1157 bulbs.

How do you know if your brake switch is bad for a 2001 blazer?

If the brake light fuse is good and the brake light bulbs are good it's probably a faulty brake light switch.

Why will the blinkers on an 81 K-10 pickup work but the brake lights will not?

Check the bulbs. These bulbs are a combination tail light & brake light. Even though the blinkers work, the brake light part might be burnt out. If these are okay, check the brake light switch. It's mounted on the brake pedal. Are the brake lights on all the time or they don't light up at all? if all the bulbs are fine, its more than likely the stop-light switch underneath the brake pedal.

Your brake lights work when you brake not when you turn lights on?

AnswerThe bulbs for the brake lights are usually separate from the normal tail light bulbs. Check and replace the brake bulbs first, and if they are still not working examine the fuses, switch and wiring.

What fuse is the brake lights on 2000 ford expedition?

The left brake light works the right brake light doesn't and the bulbs is good

How is the drivers side brake light bulb accessed on a 1998 Olds Cutlass?

Not sure on this particuliar vehicle but on most newer vehicles the tail light bulbs can be accessed by opening the rear door or trunk and removing a panel that allows access to the tail lights and the bulbs. If this is not possible you should have some type of screws on the tail light lenses itself that can be removed to access the bulbs. , EzForJesus

How do you replace third brake light on a 2001 corvette?

remove tail light and reach through

You apply the brakes brake lights don't work but the turn signals light up?

They are two stage bulbs two bulbs in one one of the filaments must be out being the one for your brake lights enjoy If the bulbs check okay, check the brake light fuse, if the fuse checks okay, the brake light switch may be out of adjustment or faulty.

2002 Dodge Durango only third brake light works?

I would guess that both of your brake light bulbs are burned out, and only the high mount bulbs are still working.