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The answer is the same as any lender whose loan is in default: File a Foreclosure. Hire an attorney who understands foreclosure laws, negotiate the fee, and get it done. Look up the foreclosure listings for the county in which the property is located. You'll notice one or maybe two law firms handle all the foreclosure proceedings. These law firms are well versed in the process and usually the most cost effective firms to handle your foreclosure. Waiting won't help...and possibly once the sheriff posts the "Notice of Default" on the door it will get the attention of the defaulted borrower and they will pay immediately. If not, you'll get the property back so you can sell it turning a loss into a gain (hopefully.) Of course, you should do your homework first. If the value of the property has dropped and you can't recoup your legal fees and the $22,500 after resale it may not be worth it. Consult your attorney about this before proceeding. Another concern should be if the borrower is not paying the 2nd, it's only a matter of time maybe before he stops paying the first. If the first files foreclosure before you, your interest could be wiped out by the first foreclosure. Look into that as well... Rob K. Blake

PS: Strange question...if you originated the second mortgage, how can you not know how to collect it? Are you the owner of the house asking or the lender?

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Q: What is the best way to collect a second mortgage that is almost 2yrs in default and has never been paid on at all and amt of the mortgage is 22500.00?
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After foreclosure on a first mortgage is the next buyer of the property liable for the second mortgage?

In almost every state, the answer is "NO".

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Can a mortgage company take your home if a insurance refuses to insure property?

The Mortgage company can foreclose on your home if you fail to meet the requirements you agreed to in your finance contract. Hazard Insurance on a home is almost always required by the lender under the terms of the contract. Failure to obtain and maintain the required coverage is a default on your loan, much the same as if we miss mortgage payments. The mortgage company would not foreclose because your home is un-insurable. They would foreclose because you failed to purchase the required property insurance. It is up to the homeowner to maintain the home in a condition that it can be insured.

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Yes. There are almost no obstacles if you still own and live in the house after.

Can you do a reaffirmation for a home mortgage debt under Chapter 7 bank?

Yes, but most attorneys will not sign off on it, because it is almost never in the debtor's best interest in reaffirming a mortgage.

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I think you probably can get home equity with mortgage refinance debt consolidation. You will need to sit down with your lender in order to get the refinance done. It's almost like applying for a mortgage all over again.

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How can one get a second mortgage with bad credit?

It's possible to receive a 2nd mortgage with bad credit you just have to make sure your application is as strong as is possible at the time of application. Beware that your second mortgage will almost always have a higher interest rate than your first.

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"Most people do not understand the purpose of PMI insurance. I know it is to protect the mortgage company from risk, but it almost seems like it's just another fee to add to the payment."

Is it possible to get mortgage financing for an investment home?

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What happens if too sick to fight lawsuit?

You will almost certainly lose the case by default. Can you hire a lawyer to appear in court for you?

Are mortgage rates trends on an upward or downward swing?

Right now, mortgage rates appear to be rising slightly. This can change on an almost daily basis however. The economy just will not support steep rises right now.

Where can someone go to remortgage a house?

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In Arkansas how long can a debtor continue to collect on an old debt?

A debtor can continue to collect on an old debt indefinitely. Most will stop after 3 years and almost all will stop after 7.

Can you add a realtor to your mortgage loan?

Technically, yes. Practically, no. Almost every realtor in business would not agree to this, UNLESS the realtor included a clause in the loan papers indicating that any default of the payments by the primary signer on the loan (e.g. after 60 days) would automatically lead to assumption of the loan AND the rights to title plus deed by said realtor.

Where can one compare different 30 year fixed mortgage rates?

You can use a lots of mortgage tools on almost every website of banks in America to calculate the rate you wish for your house. All of them are very flexible and easy to use.

The mortgage is interest only. how is the effect to mortgage?

It is considered a term mortgage which is how mortgages were before the amortized mortgage. In a amortized mortgage a part of every payment goes to principal (the amount you owe) and a part goes toward interest (what the bank charges to loan you the money) In the beginning almost all of the payment goes toward interest but as time goes by more goes toward the principal and less toward the interest until the principal is paid off. The interest only mortgage only pays the interest so you never pay off your debt.

Can a company collect money when you return the product?

Companies almost always can send the product back to the manufacturer for a refund.

Are insurance companies allowed to hold part of settlement until they see proof that you fixed the damages?

Yes that could happen but is generally when you still have a mortgage on the property. If there is no mortgage then the decision is entirely yours, but if you have a mortgage then the decision making is in the hands of the mortgage company. Bear in mind that when you have a mortgage company involved, they are also insured by your policy along with you in a 1'st place lienhlder position. The insurer must also abide by the wishes of your Mortgage company who is in effect a first position co-insured on your policy. Although the home may be in your name, It actually still belongs to the mortgage company until it is paid off. The mortgage contract you signed almost certainly requires that you make those repairs.