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Contact the Virginia State Bar Association. They will assist anyone in finding a licensed, ethical attorney for whatever the need.

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Q: What is the best way to find a good probate lawyer in Virginia?
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how do i find out if a will has probate yet?

You have to speak to the lawyer who drew up the will.

What does a probate attorney do for clients?

A probate attorney job is to manage how the will or last testament of a deceased person is filed for clients. A probate lawyer is said to be an estate lawyer. It is possible to shop around for a probate attorney, so one can find an affordable one.

What type of lawyer do you need to settle a will?

Find a Probate and Estates attorney in your area.

Where can I find a good probate attorney?

The guide here can help you find a good lawyer

When an executor of a will dies who replaces them to find lawyer for probate?

The court will appoint a new executor. Consult a probate attorney and they will help you get it resolved.

Where can I get a probate cash advance?

If you are named as the beneficiary or heir to a probate estate, then you can qualify for a probate cash advance. HeirAdvance and are two websites that will help you find a lawyer to pursue this option.

What is the best way to find a felony lawyer?

The best way to find a felony lawyer is at Legal Match. This is an online website that you can go to to find the best lawyer suitable for your problems. All you have to do it tell them what specific things you need your lawyer to do or be able to do and they can hook you right up.

can you sue a lawyer for not doing his job right what type of law is that and were can find that type of lawyer near richmond virginia thank you?

No, you can't

Where can one find a lawyer who deals with INS?

The best place for finding an immigration lawyer is a site called AILA. On this site you can enter what type of lawyer you are looking for and other pertinent information and this site will find you the best lawyer for your situation.

Where can you find out if you are a benificary of your deceased father?

If he had a lawyer there may be a will and you should be able to find out from the lawyer if you are included. The Executor of his estate may also have the will and you should be able to see a copy or at least find out. Otherwise his estate will go to probate court and the judge will determine how the estate is divided.

How do you find out what to do when your father dies intestate?

The easiest thing is to contact a probate lawyer. They know the process and the requirements. You can also go to the courthouse and ask for a probate packet. It should contain all of the necessary forms for opening an estate.

How do I get my probate money?

Your inharitance money needs to go through probate to be sure no one else has claims to it. Probate will run it's course quickly if there is a will. If you are having issues getting your probate money, then it is best that you hire an attorney. is a directory of attorneys based in the United States. By using this site, you will be able to find the best probate attorney in your area.

How do you find out it there is a will after death?

In the best circumstances, you should probably ask the person if they have a will, and where it is, before they die. If it is too late for that, then the next-of-kin (sons, daughters, spouses, grandchildren) will have to search through the decedent's possessions to find one. If they had a lawyer, ask the lawyer if there is a will. If you are not next-of-kin, or otherwise legally an heir to the person's estate, you will have to go to Probate Court and get a decision from them if you inherit anything.

Help you find a lawyer in west Virginia for domestic battery?

Hunter law firm in Buckhannon, WV

How do we go about find the contents of a will if the lawyer in charge will not speak to us?

Go to the court handling the probate and ask to see a copy of the will that was filed in the name of the decedent's estate.

Where can one find law services near Boston?

"That depends on what kind of lawyer you need. The best way to find a lawyer, is to find a referral service and call them and tell them what kind of budget you have and what kind of lawyer you need."

Where can I find a cheap Michigan Real Estate Lawyer?

The best way to find a lawyer in any specialty is to use a website which compares them. You can try or Both of them will help you find a lawyer that's right for you.

Where can I find a good lawyer?

Lawyers can be found in the yellow pages. But the best way to find good honest lawyer is through a referral. Never contact a lawyer who advertises on buses and billboards.

Where is the best place to look, and find a bankruptcy lawyer?

There are several great online sources to find a bankruptcy lawyer. Sites like can be used. The best site for looking for a lawyer is They have all the information you need to help you in your search.

What is the best way to find a lawyer?

internet searching The best way to find a lawyer is word of mouth. Ask trusted friends, family, and/or business or professional associates who have recently good and active

Can you find the best lawyer at Cambodia to prepare my documents for interview At US embassy?

People have different opinions on who is the best lawyer in Cambodia that deal with documents. You will have to search around and find the one you like best and is about to do documents for US embassy.

Where is the best place for an environment lawyer to find a job?

Planet Earth

How you can find the best family lawyer in Mississauga?

Contact the Bar Association.

How can you find out if a will is in probate process?

You can visit or contact the probate court where the decedent lived to see if a petition for probate has been filed.

How can you find a good competent lawyer?

The best way to find a competent lawyer is though reputation and research. If a person knows someone who had recently used a lawyer, they would be able to give a review of their lawyer. Also, make sure to pick a lawyer who specializes in the branch of law matches the need.