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I'd love to offer some help, but it's an issue of needing more information. What kind of fabric? What is the stain from? I'll check back... C

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Q: What is the best way to get a stain out of a shirt?
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What do you call a stain on a shirt or tie?

A stain on a shirt or tie..........

What is the most effective way to remove a wine stain from a cotton shirt?

One of the best ways to remove a wine stain from a cotton shirt is to continuously pour club soda on it until the color of the stain fades. After letting it dry, use a paper towel to clean up the remaining club soda that may have split.

Do you tell someone when there is a stain on their shirt?

yes or they will go around all day with a stain on the shirt! ;)

How do you get rid of ice cream stain on dress shirt?

Burn a hole in the shirt where the stain is and it will come off

How do you get grease stain out from shirt?

use tide stain stick

What is the best way to get robux and tickets on Roblox?

The BEST way is to probably sell a famous Shirt/T-shirt.

What is the best way to stain bathroom floor cabinets?

The best way to stain bathroom floor cabinets is to first sand the wood. After that, apply the wood conditioner, then the stain and finally apply the finish.

What works the best to remove stains from clothes?

There is no single best way to remove all stains. The best way to remove a protein stain is with cold water and OxyClean. The best way to remove a dye stain is to use bleach if the fabric can handle it. Try looking up the best way to remove your specific stain.

How do you get wood stain out of a white t-shirt?

How you can get a wood stain out of a white t-shirt depends on whether the stain is oil or water-based. For oil-based wood stains, use mineral spirits and for water-based wood stains, use acetone. Blot the stain from the edges and work your way in towards the middle but do not rub. Wash the t-shirt on a hot laundry cycle, between 60 and 90 degrees.

How do you remove a brown stain on my white shirt?

Use a stain remover wash away

How do you remove ink from a shirt?

use vanish and get 2 know ...................i using last 2 yrs on any stain tea ,coffee, ink.....vanish is the best stain remover

What is stain on shirt an example of?

it is an example ostrawberry jam

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