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Either a fuel line de-icer or a fuel line dryer.

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Q: What is the best way to get water out of a gas tank?
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How do you drain water in the fuel in a gmc suburban?

Have you tried using gas line antifreeze? That will help to remove some of the water in the gas. The best way to make certain all the water is out of the tank is to siphon the gas out, let the tank air out and re-fill the tank with gas from a station you know does not have water in the gas.

What is the best way to get water out of fuel system?

engine cleaner and dry gas in fuel tank

How do you know if you have water in your gas tank?

The only way to know for sure if a person has water in the gas tank is to drain the tank. Usually a car will sputter and die if there is water in the tank.

What is best way to remove water from gas tank?

Benz should have a drain plug on the tank. If not, you may have to remove the tank. Alternatively, depending how much water you think is in there, use ethanol to absorb it.

What is the best way to remove gas from a vehicles gas tank?

with a match put match inside tank. burn it out.

Best way to remove fuel pump from tank on a 1999 blazer?

The best way to remove the fuel pump from inside the gas tank on a 1999 Blazer is to drain the tank and remove it from the vehicle. Then the top of the gas tank can be accessed to retrieve the fuel pump.

What is the best way to get rid of water from your gas tank?

O/K well here is my question how do you know you have water in you fuel tank?is you veh fuel injected or carburated? electric fuel pump or mechanical?year of veh?to the best of my knowlege the only true way to remove high amount of moisture out of gas tanks is to removed the tank it self and drain out fuel ,..if low amount of water are seen with little problems some times adding a full 16once bottle of rubbing alcohol it help water to evaporate ,..but in all means the best way to take care of the problem is to removed the gas tank and drain fully,..

How does water get into carburetor?

Having water in the gas tank will work its way up to the carburetor.

How can you get bad gas out of your car?

Add 1 bottle of ordinary rubbing alcohol to the tank. If The Bad gas is just gas that has water in it, then the alcohol will allow the water to "burn" with the gas. == == The best way to do it is kind of a pain. Take the tank off and dump the bad gas out. While the tanks off would be a good time to flush it out too. You can use a ordinary garden hose and siphone the gas out of the tank.

Antifreeze in gas tank?

I doubt it. I think you have water in your tank because it's no way how antifreeze can go in your tank unless you puuted it there. So if you have water in your tank, just buy stuff which is called dry gas. And everytime when you fill your tank add required quantity. To get rid of water in your tank you will need to do that at least 3 times, it depends on how much of water you have.

How do you get water out of gas tank 1984 s15?

One way is to get a pump and run the hose to the bottom of the tank and suck it out until you see pure gas. All the water will be at the bottom since gas is a less denser then water. So just make sure to have the hose at the lowest point in the tank.

What is the correct way to measure the height of a gas water heater?

From the floor to the top of the tank

Where is fuel pump on 94 Oldsmobile eighty eight royal and how is the best way to replace it?

in the gas tank - lower the tank to replace

What is the best way to make water?

Burning hydrogen gas.

How do you repair a plastic dirt bike gas tank?

The best way to repair a plastic dirt bike gas tank is to completely replace it. A faulty repair can result in leaks and potentially an uncontrollable fire.

What is the Best way to paint a new gas tank on a 1969 nova?

primer coat and then the color you want to paint it.

How do you get water out of a full gas tank?

poor as close to 100rubbing alchahal in it and wait a week this will cause the water to evaporate Actually, rubbing alcohol will do you no good. It already has water in it. The gas line antifreeze Heat or other gas dryer additives are alcohol without the water. The molecules of alcohol are big enough that they bond with the molecules of water and are burned with the gas. That is fine for small amounts of water. How much is in the tank. Some tanks have a drain plug in the bottom of them and since oil or gas floats on water you could get it out that way. The pick up tube is on the bottom of the tank also, so you could take the line loose from the fuel pump and siphon the water out that way.

What is the best way to replace the fuel pump for a 1996 Dodge Ram truck. Should I drop the gas tank or cut a hole in the bed of the truck for access?

Drop the tank.Drop the tank.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to drain the tank on a 2001 Ford Taurus lx with dropping it is there a plug?

Assuming the question is referring to the gas tank...No, there is not a drain plug - if the tank has much gas in it, best to use a good old fashioned siphon hose to get the level down as far as possible before removing the tank.

Is there an internal gas filter in the tank of your lawnmowers?

Not usually. There is usually a screen on the output of the tank and the gas filters are usually inline on the way to the carborator.

What method would be the best way to raise a tank off the bottom of a pit so that a cable could be placed under the tank?

fill the pit with water.

How do you remove calcium buildup in tank water pipes which is clogging up?

If you have a way to flush vinegar through it, that is probably the best way. That's the way you flush the scale out of tankless water heaters.

I have a Ford Van 150 Econoline with extended body and two gas tanks How much gas does each gas tank hold?

I have put $20 in each tank and each tank was half way full.

You think you have water in your 2001 Ford Expedition Fuel Tank How do you drain the tank?

the best way to get all of the water out of your fuel talk is to actually remove the tank and thorougly clean. Check your fuel cap or fill houses or vents for leaks, water could be getting in thew there, best advice is to take your expeditio to an auto repair shop and have your tank pressure tested.

Removing gas tank from 1964 Impala?

The best way is to siphon it out. The 1961 shop manual has detailed instructions on how to do this. Followed these and it worked fine.