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Don't go back to him, no matter what he says, you need to write down your feelings in a place where you can access them, so that everytime he tries to charm you, you can rememeber the way he makes you feel!!! Start a new exercise plan or a diet, focus on education or your job, make an effort to not be anywhere he can contact you. It will get better, you just need to cut him off so he can't hurt you anymore. Music!MUSIC, MUSIC!!Listen to a lot of music and CRY...give yourself may take years to get over this guy but you have to try and move on..It's a choice really- it's your choice, if your want to move on and be happy then you let him go.If you don't let him go then you choose to be miserable. (I'd say pick the first choice and move on) Ask yourself this question: Would he be someone I will still think about and cry over in TEN years? Answer this question sincerely..If the answer is no then you know this hurt and misery isn't worth it..Live the life you want, choose to be happy. You can be HappY-remember that--... ...Do you think he thinks about you and cries over you as much as you do over him???.....Move on.. Believe me the last post has no clue in the length it takes to get over a person. Good god, if you get this trash outa your life and have absolutley no contact, you will feel amazed at how good you feel. It will most likely take 6months to one year to get over him. The first three months are agony and painfull, then 4-8 you start to have nostalgia but it dont hurt as much, thereafeter the pain is almost entriely gone. You can get over it quicker though than that if you just feel the intense emotions, accept them, avoid him like the plague and write alot in a diary. Its not love, its addiction. You feel you need his approval or some level. You must relaise that only your opinion of you is what matters. Start making you feel good.

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Q: What is the best way to heal from a breakup when you feel like a drug addict wanting more and more of him even when he charms you and loves you and then spits you out every time?
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