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The best way to lose weight is


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Is their anything a 11 year old can take to lose weight?

Taking diet pills is never the best option at any age. For a kid, diet and exercise are a great way to lose weight. Sounds cliche, but if you want to be healthy while doing it, that's the best way.

What is the easiest way for a 11 yr to lose weight?

Same as everyone else: eat right and exercise. (and it's LOSE weight, not loose.)

Why wont people let kids lose weight if the kid is 11 and overweight?

you should ask a doctor the best way to lose weight then. i lost like 2 pounds laying of the junk food for 3 DAYS!

How can a 11 year lose weight in 1 month?

First, ask your parents and your doctor whether you SHOULD be losing weight. If so, they should be able to provide you with a safe way in which to lose weight.

How can a 11 year old girl lose 35 lbs in 10 days?

There is no way to lose that much weight in 10 days. Safe weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Can an 11-year-old lose weight?

Yes, anybody can. The question is if it's healthy for that 11 year old to lose weight.

What should i do to lose weight if i want to lose weight within 11 days?

Top 8 tips to reboot your body and kick start weight lossStart Your Day With A Workout. Set up your alarm 20 minutes early and schedule your workout first thing in the morning. ...Skip the Scale. ...Carry Your Own Snacks. ...Eat An Apple. ...Try To Eat Meals At Home. ...Become a Water Baby. ...Eat Slowly. ...Eat Protein---------------------------------------------------------------------------If you want best way to lose weight email me and I will send you this free info that's worked for 100% of people trying to lose weight.weightlosstricks2020@gmailDOTcom----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Best way to lose weight fast at the age of 11 without spending money and do not like fruit or vegtiables?

Exercise. If you burn more calories than you consume you will lose weight.

What should a 4' 11 82 pound 11-year-old girl do to lose weight?

You don't need to lose weight you're exactly the weight you should be

How can you lose weight if you weight 140 and am 11 years old?

If your 11 years old the best things to do to lose weight are: 1.Watch what you eat (not necessarily the amount but the things you consume ex. junk food, you can replace junk food with a healthy alternative such as fruit). 2. Get involved in physical activities.

How much exercise should an 11 year old girl do to lose weight?

If you are 11 years old, then exercise for the enjoyment of it. You will look and feel better, even if you do not lose any weight. Do not try to lose weight unless your doctor tells you to do so. You can harm your health.

How can a 11 year old lose weight fast that has asmatha?

An 11 year old should not be trying to lose weight unless it's for medical reasons and a doctor is following the weightloss

How do you lose weight at age 11?

I would use weight watchers. It's completely safe.

How can 11 year old girl lose weight?

walk and well that's it you at least lose calories

What is the best way to lose weight quickly if you are 11 and way around 200 pounds?

There is no good way to lose weight quickly. It is better to do it more slowly because that will help to stop the weight from returning. What you should do is cardio exercise, cut right down on refined processed carbohydrates (apart from the occasional treat), and eat more lean protein, fresh vegetables, and a little fresh fruit.Cutting out junk food can help you to lose weight. You just shouldn't try starving yourself because it usually doesn't work and you end up so hungry that you just overeatFor more in-depth information about the best ways to lose weight by both diet and exercise, please see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

You are 11 years old you are 139 pounds how do you lose body fat?

The best way to lose body fat is to exercise, for an 11 year old that could be as simple as walking or playing active games or playing sports on a team or with friends. Keep active. Also you could stop using sugar. Start eating more fruit and vegetables and salads. And cut out the soda and snacks for a while. Give it time and you will lose the weight. I am eleven, 5'0 and i am 129 i want to lose weight too......this was good advice. Also I want to add that it is a normal weight for someone your age.

What should you eat to lose weight in 11 days?

Try to completely avoid foods with fat or sugar, eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables instead and drinks LOTS of water. Extra exercise helps too. You will lose weight quickly this way.

How does an 11 year old girl lose weight fast and become skinny by September fourth?

Ok first of all I personally do not think it is healthy for a 11 to lose weight. But if you are determined to lose weight here are a few ways. The first way is to avoid sugary drinks and fast food, drink water instead and get organic foods from the grocery store or a farmers market. The second way to lose weight is to..... Exercise, I know I don't enjoy it either but it is crucial. I would recommend cardio excersises. Lastly is portion size. To lose weight you don't need to stop eating bad food, you just control the portion size or how often you have it. Hope this helps and good luck.

What should a 4'11 11 year old who has not gone through puberty weigh?

If you are fairly strong and weigh from 100-110 pounds your fine and don't lose weight, if you weigh more, lose weight. If you are fairly weak and weigh from 70-90 pounds your fine don't lose weight, if you weight less lose weight. If you weight 90-100 pounds weak or strong your PERFECT don't EVER think your over weight. For an 11 year old girl who hasn't had puberty then you will soon and when you do then take my advice

How do 155 pound 11 year olds become 98 pounds in one summer?

An illness would be the only way for a kid to lose that much weight.

How do you lose belly fat at the age of 11?

You can lose weight by eating less junk food, and by exercising and doing cardio.

How do you lose weight if you are 99 lbs and 11 years old?

if you 11 years old you dont need to lose weight. you havent even hit puberty yet, let your body develop and grow before dieting and excersizing.

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