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What is the best way to prevent pregnancy if you want to conceive immediately after 3 years without any side effects?


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2004-05-31 18:08:02
2004-05-31 18:08:02

I'm a bit confused by your question, but I think you mean you've been on birth control for three years and now want to get pregnant right away. If that is what you mean, there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant right away. But if you have sex every other day, you will increas your chances. Another trick I learned is to have sex 12,14, and 16 days after your start your period. If you meant something different, resubmit your question written a different way. Most birth control methods are good if you want to conceive immediately after you stop taking them. No matter which you take, after you get off it might take several months to get pregnant because your system has to readjust to no daily hormones, as far as side effects are concerned, no one can know if there will be any, some women get them, some don't... the only birth control method I would not recommend is the Norplant because that is in you for 5 years.


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