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Hi Susan: I have a 'Water Warehouse' catalogue that has coping paint in aerosol cans. It comes in white only. It takes 4 12oz cans to do a 20x40 pool. They're $24.99 each. The item number is 3569. (It's on page 25 of the catalogue) Their phone number is 800-574-7665. Their internet address is I haven't used the product, (seems a bit expensive to me) but it is the only one I've run across that's specifically for coping. Hope this helps. Joan We just refurbished our 23 year old vinyl inground pool. We bought aerosol paint from the folks replacing outr liner. It cost us 15 a can and we used 5-12 cans on an 18x42 pool. The paint has a texture finish like the priginal aluminum coping. Took 3 coats but it looks great. We purchased spray can grips (Rust Oleum makes them - sold at HomeDepot) and that kept our hands from cramping and allowed a much more professional finish. The hardest part was prepping the surface and masking the deck & the pool.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-19 17:10:44
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Q: What is the best way to renew the worn finish of aluminum coping around a 30 year old pool?
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