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What is the best wheelie bike?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-20 18:16:15

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Pedal bike, definitaly a full suspension with a 24 in. rear wheel the small wheel makes it eaiser to get the front end up Dirtbike, I'd go with a four stroke because of the power control. I have a Honda TLR 200 and it Wheelies as long as you want

2006-09-20 18:16:15
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How do you do a wheelie in emerald?

you get the slow bike and press a

What are the different types of tricks on a bike?

there is a pop a wheelie

How do you do a wheelie on Pokemon platinum?

if its on the bike...YOU DONT NOOB!

How can you do a soft wheelie on your sport bike?

A "soft" wheelie is done without popping the clutch. It is otherwise known as a power wheelie because it's done with the throttle only.

How do you pop up wheelie?

you run with your bike and lift it up

Who cant pop a wheelie on a dirt bike?

Tarrant White

In Britain is it against the law to pull a wheelie on your bike?

It's not the wheelie as such, but if you're doing it in traffic it might be seen as reckless behaviour. It's hard to steer and brake when you're pulling a wheelie.

What is a wheelie?

Doing a wheelie AKA manual means getting the bike onto its rear wheel and ride it some ways balanced on the rear wheel.

How do you jump using an acro bike?

hold down b in the wheelie postion

What was the first trick on a dirt bike?

The first trick to be performed on a dirt bike was the wheelie, this was prior to any competition/trials.

How do you bunny hop on a bmx bike?

first you should learn how to wheelie and be able to pull your back end up into a nose wheelie without brakes then after you learn that you first start by pulling the front tire off the ground like you would for a wheelie then use your momentum push your body forward pull your back up like a nose wheelie and jump then even your bike out and land it

What is meant by doing a wheelie?

Raising the front wheels of a car or bike while in motion, so that the car or bike only have the back wheels on the ground.

When were wheelie bikes first sold in stores?

Wheelie bikes ( which is a slang term for "high rise" bikes) were first sold commercially in California U.S.A. back in Feb/March 1963. The first factory made wheelie-bike (or high-riser bike) was the Huffy "Penguin". Made at Huffman Manufacturings Azusa California bicycle factory. The Penguin bike was made for California bike distributor Pete Mole, of the "John T. Bill" Company. The bike was made to Pete Moles specifications which included 20 inch wheels, a cantilever frame, a "Persons-'Solo Polo seat'" , and Wald brand high riser handlebars. The Schwinn "Sting-Ray" wheelie bike was officially released in June 1963, and was almost identical to the earlier Penguin bike, except for color. ...........John Brain.

How do you beat luigi circuit fast ghost?

Do the spear (a bike for the big people) and wheelie a whole lot.

What is the skate trick manuel?

a wheelie. a wheelie. a wheelie.

What is the longest wheelie on a dirt bike?

it was 177 feet by travis pastrana. On the show nirtro circus he broke the record.

How do you pull a wheelie with a pw80?

It is very hard to pull off a wheelie on a pw80 seeing as they hav not much power u can do them in first gear but any faster gear u wont keep the bike up.

How do you endo a mountain bike?

You do a wheelie, but not on the back wheel, you lean on the front and lean forward. Is this for FR2 btw? recommend me plz =)

What is Manualing on a bike?

Manualing is usually another word for doing a wheelie, riding along with the front wheel off the ground.

How do you fly an airplane on gta vice city?

You start engine and accelerate airplane using forward button.Then use the buttons that you use to do stopie and wheelie with bike to balance the plane. First to take off use the wheelie button.

What is the science behind wheelie?

all that happens is you pull up the handlebar and with enough balance and power the bike should carry on moving

Do you need a bmx bike to do tricks?

Not necessarily, but if you want to get into serious tricks like tail whips and bar spins i suggest you get a bmx. but you can easily do a wheelie or a small bunny hop with a mountain bike.

What goped wheelies the best?

all of them wheelie it depends if you can keep balance

How do you wheelie on a fixed gear bike?

Pretty much the same way as on any other bike. Go slow, lean back, push hard on the pedals while giving the handlebar a good yank.

What are all the cars In Kirby air ride?

Warpstar Compact Star Slick Star Winged Sta Formula Star Shadow Star Swerve Star Rocket Star Wagon Star Turbo Star Jet Star Bulk Star Wheelie Bike Wheelie Scooter Rex Wheelie Dragon, Hydra FlightWarp Star