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What is the biggest cc motor bike you can ride on with L plates?


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2008-06-18 15:51:14
2008-06-18 15:51:14

the biggest cc engine you can ride on is a 50cc on L plates i would suggest buying something like a aprilia rs50 as this will get you used to a feel of a bike they also go faster than the scooters


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Depending where you live, the motor bike, time and if you are liscenced.

Learn to ride, before it rides you...<Locknedrchil>

i believe the 700cc quad is the biggest you can ride on the road. not quite sure.

i belive you can only ride a 50cc or 70cc bike on a full driving licence

There are no laws that say you can't ride a dirt bike or any other motor vehicle on your own property.... as long as you stay on your property then yes you can ride your dirt bike on your own property

No he cant...he cant even ride a motor bike he is that sh-t

It depends where you ride it ! In the UK, you need to be at least 16 to ride one on public roads - and even then, you need to display 'L' plates until you pass your CBT test. If you're on private property - there's no minimum age limit.

Hell no, 50cc scooters can't even ride on there! If it doesn't have a motor or transmission, it would be unwise.

You do need a license to ride a 49cc bike in Illinois. Th law states that mopeds or motor scooter between 49cc and 150cc require an Class L Motor-Driven Cycle License.

any age but be safeany age but be safe

what size of a moter bike can i drive with a full car licence in northern Ireland. i have not done the bike test yet.

Yes: you can ride it any wear private like a feild if you have permission. Or ride it any where your option but you can get caught easily, and your bike csn be impounded or uou eill be charged.You can only ride road legal motor bikes on the road but you need a license.

It depends if you have mirrors, license plates which you do, learners permit which you do, and speedometer i think that's all you have to have but i would go to like the buro of motor vehicles.

No, it is illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street but you can ride it on a trail or dirt bike track.

Yes, You need to go to the department of motor veichles and register your bike otherwise when you go on trails and find out you dont then you get the bike impounded and get a fine

Yes. Justin can ride a bike

In NSW Australia to ride a motor cycle on a public road you have to have a motor cycle licence.

To prevent smog, there are some things you can do. The biggest would be You can ride a bike, or walk instead of driving.

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You ride a bike because it has to be balanced by the operator.

It depends on how fast you can ride a bike!

There is no minimum age for a person to ride on the back of a motor bike, the only stipulation is, the bike must be fitted with a pillion seat and foot rests and their feet must be able to reach the foot pegs. A pillion doesnt even have to face forward however I wouldn't recommend facing backwards.

Yes, I would say it is way easier to ride a motorbike than a car.

1) first ride of the day, your bike is not warmed up, flip the choke on 2)flooded motor 3)no gas

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