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What is the biggest stately home in Great Britain?


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I guess it's Windsor castle.... if a castle can be a stately home.


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The stately home was on an area on flat land. :D

An Earl of is the rank given but no stately home is there whereas the Earl comes with the stately home.

a castle or a stately home

England is part of Great Britain along with Scotland and Wales.

Instead of walking through a stately home on your own, on a guided tour you would join a small group that is lead by an employee guide of the stately home. The guide points out special features and gives a commentary of the history of the stately home and the families that have lived there through the centuries.

If you are referring to a noun meaning stately home, this is spelt mansion.

The word meaning "a large stately home" is spelt castle.

welcome home now check my answer becase

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A Queen would commonly live in a Royal Palace, Castle or Stately home.

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it's because the sport officialy started in a stately home in the town of badminton, England

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Historical artifacts are likely to be displayed in a museum, in a stately home, or in a special display in a library.

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The UK has a predominantly Caucasian population, but also is home to immigrants from every part of the world.

Stately home, castle, mansion, huge house(!) and court. Hope that helped!Amy (11)

The Proclamation of 1763 was a major turning point in relations between Great Britain and the American colonies. It granted Great Britain even more power over the colonies by restricting where they can live and it was the start of a terrible conflict between the home land and the colonies.

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