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I guess it's Windsor castle.... if a castle can be a stately home.

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Q: What is the biggest stately home in Great Britain?
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What stately home in Britain is famous for its maze?

blenheim palace

What stately home is the biggest loser 2010 filmed?

Stanford Hall, Leicestershire

What is the difference between Earl and Earl of in rank?

An Earl of is the rank given but no stately home is there whereas the Earl comes with the stately home.

How do you use the world stately in a sentence?

The stately home was on an area on flat land. :D

What is meant by a guided tour?

Instead of walking through a stately home on your own, on a guided tour you would join a small group that is lead by an employee guide of the stately home. The guide points out special features and gives a commentary of the history of the stately home and the families that have lived there through the centuries.

How does the home country Great Britain England?

England is part of Great Britain along with Scotland and Wales.

What does chateau mean in English?

a castle or a stately home

Name of a Residence occupied by an aristocratic family?

Stately home

What is a nobles home called?

Castle, stately home, mansion, country house, manor, and so on.

Who lives in Great Britain?

The island of Great Britain is home to 60.8 million people. Some notable residents include queen Elizabeth II and her photogenic great-grandson George.

How do you spell casell?

The word meaning "a large stately home" is spelt castle.

How do you spell mantiom?

If you are referring to a noun meaning stately home, this is spelt mansion.

Which stately home in Bedfordshire has a well known safari park?

Woburn Abbey

What do you call a large building?

A stadium A hall A skyscraper A tower block A barn A stately home.

How old do you have to be to stay home alone in Great Britain?

i think it is 16

How did Great Britain get its nickname?

welcome home now check my answer becase

What is the name of the stately home in northumerland which have been used for television programmes?

where is alnwick castle

What is the name of the stately home in Bedfordshire also known as a safari park?

Woburn Abbey

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Where does a Queen live?

A Queen would commonly live in a Royal Palace, Castle or Stately home.

What has the author Joel H Wiener written?

Joel H. Wiener has written: 'Great Britain, the lion at home' -- subject(s): Sources, Great Britain, History

What does the phrase going home to blighty mean?

It means going back home to England/Great Britain hence 'Blighty' :)

Thomas Jefferson's stately self-designed home in Virginia that became a model of American architecture?


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