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It is a pet sensor and turns of the interior sensors while your dog is it the car.

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What is the symbol of download?

In most sites to download is represented by a downwards arrow.

How do you turn off emergency flashers on Chrysler Sebring car?

Push the flasher button. It will have a triangle symbol on it.Push the flasher button. It will have a triangle symbol on it.

Where is the telephone and fax symbol on Microsoft word?

To insert the telephone and fax symbol click on the symbol button that is located in the insert tab. Next choose more symbols and select the Wingdings font. You will see both the telephone and fax symbol.

How do you open the fuel door on a 2003 Subaru Forester?

Pull the lever with the gas pump symbol located just in front of the drivers seat.

What is the symbol of Thanatos?

His most common symbol is a torch turned downwards. Thanatos was portrayed as a young man with an inversed torch in one hand and a wreath or butterfly in the other.

Where is the mutiplcation symbol on a laptop?

There is not an actual button on the laptop that looks like a normal multiplication symbol, to do multiplication you have to use the button that looks like this * as times.

How do you change the language on your Kia Sorento from French to English?

Hold Down the button that has a symbol of a person speaking down for 5seconds and it will rotate through the various languages. This button is located on the bottom left of the steering wheel

Menu button for blackberry curve?

its the button next to the trackpad. the one with the blackberry symbol on it

How do you do a dislike button on facebook chat?

There isn't a 'Dislike button' symbol. However, there isa 'Like button'. This is made by typing: (y).

What button is the cheat menu for medieval 2 total war?

It's the @ button that also has the ' symbol on it

On windows title bar what does the button with the underscore do?

On a window's Title bar, what does the button with the underscore symbol do?

Where is the aoss button on the westell 7500 gateway located?

On the top where the Westell name is printed. It's on the bottom left on that same side. It has a symbol like a recycle sign on it.

What does the Snow symbol switch 2002 vauxhall corsa mean?

If its the button below the heater dials then it is the air conditioning button. It's the only snow symbol in my 2002 Corsa.

How do you reset the clock on a Buick Lucerne?

push the menu button and a clock symbol will appear. push the button under the clock symbol and hr and mn words will appear. pushing the button under the hr will change the hour and pushing the button under the mn will change the minutes.

How do you get a fish symbol on Habbo?

Shift + ` (button underneath Esc)

How to make fraction symbol on keyboard?

Simply "CLICK" the button "/"..

How do you get the stock symbol for a company?

Go to There will be a box next to the button "get quotes", just type your companys name and hit the button. It will give you the symbol plus other information on its stock.

How do you turn off the wrench symbol light off on Honda Accord 2006?

That information can be found in your drivers manual. That symbol is reminding you that certain maintenance is required. This info can also be found in the drivers manual.

Where is the mute button on the blackberry curve 8520?

at the top of the phone, there are three buttons. on the middle button there is a mute symbol:)

How do you reset the service interval on a xantia?

Service Light Reset - Citroen Xantia (1997 on)Using button located within speedometer dial.Switch the ignition off.Press and hold button.Switch on the ignition.Keep the button depressed.Service Interval and "spanner" symbol will illuminate for five seconds

What means snowflake symbol on button in automatic clio?

The snowflake symbol in ANY car usually is the air condition.

How do you change temp indicator from Centigrade to Fahrenheit in 2002 Audi A6?

My 1998 Audi A6 quattro changes from F to C or back by the following: Press the button on the dash that shows a 3/4 circle symbol in the air condition area buttons and hold the button down. At the same time press the temperature selector button "+" on the drivers side briefly.

Where is the mobile telephone symbol on Microsoft word?

In Microsoft Word, the mobile telephone symbol is located under Symbol in the Insert menu. Under Font, select Webdings. The symbol is located towards the bottom.

What is the symbol for normally open push button?

_I_ -o o-

What is any letter number symbol or punctuation in excel?

Borders Button