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Possibly, a misfortunate cat sleeping under the hood. This bang is probably a loose engine mounting bolt. The noise is probley from bad rod bearings once the oil pressure is up they quiet down.After it sits a long time(over night) the oil drains down and will be noisy It may last a long time just make sure the oil level is good

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Q: What is the cause of loud noise when the engine starts the first time of the day?
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What causes a ticking noise after the car first starts then goes away?

The engine parts are rubbing until the engine oil pressure builds up and the oil starts to lube the parts. Old oil, wrong viscosity, or a clogged filter can cause this to be worse than necessary.

Valve train noise big block Chevy when hot?

Engine running hotter then 220 degrees can cause valvetrain noise. Bad fuel can also cause valve noise / PINGING sound. Ignition timing to high / Advanced to far, can also cause engine noise.

Can a bad harmonic balancer make a knocking noise?

A bad harmonic balancer can cause a knocking noise. The harmonic balancer doesn't actually produce the noise, but it can cause the noise in the engine.

What would cause juddering noise on car?

cold engine

Can bad fuel filter cause rattling noise in the engine?


What could cause a whistling noise while running air conditioning?

A bad compressor belt can cause a whistling noise while running the air conditioner. A bad engine can also cause this noise.

Is tappets cause of noise on top of peugeot 207 engine?


Why is my 1999 gmc suburban jerking making a loud noise.?

If the 1999 Suburban noise is a sort of loud banging noise, the problem could be that the engine have jumped time. Jumping time would cause the noise and jerking in the engine.

Engine noise between first and second gear?

turn the engine off

What would cause a clunking noise and judder from the drivers side of your engine?

Have someone check your Engine mount

You jump the car then it starts Making a noise like a fan running after you cut the engine?

When you can not figure out why your car makes a strange noise, you take it to a mechanic.

What would cause a loud knocking noise coming from the engine at 70 mph and make the truck shake very badly?

Having a bad rod bearing could cause a truck to make a loud knocking noise and shake when driving at high speeds. The engine having a coolant leak or an engine timing problem could also cause the knocking noise.

1998 Honda civic 1.6l tapping noise when car is first started?

Most probably the noise is piston slap, this noise is heard when the engine is cold and disappears when the engine is hot. if the slap is very strong when the engine is cold and the noise becomes less when hot but still the noise can be heard.

What could cause engine noise in the radio on a 1993 Dodge Spirit?

A bad noise suppression condenser. Usually attached to the alternator.

What can cause a noise from underneath the middle of the hood of a 2000 Kia Sportage?

I believe that an engine can create a noise underneath the middle of the hood....

What could cause a loud tapping noise in a escort engine?

Stuck hydraulic lifter.

What cause the engine to have a knocking noise on 3.0 liter Toyota Avalon?

Crank Shaft.

What would cause a tapping noise in a car engine in a Nissan Maxima?

loose exhaust

WHY IS MY Suburban MAKING engine noise at start up?

There could be numerous reasons why a Suburban is making engine noise at start up. It could be anything from a blown gasket to a spark plug. A mechanic will be able to find out the cause of the noise.

What is the chirping noise in your Kia Sportage?

if it was like my 99, then a belt was worn out, and will cause a chirping noise, if it is in the engine compartment, it is very likely to be a belt

What might cause a squealing engine noise on a 1997 Buick Lesabre?

Check the belts. The most common cause of squealing is a worn or loose belt on the front of the engine.

What engine noise occures with a loose timing chain on a 4.6 liter ford engine over head engine?

You shouldn't worry about the noise it make. You should be worried more about the damage it's going to cause. Get it fix if not to late.

Why do diesel engine has a greater noise than gasoline engine?

The fuel is ignited by compression and not by a spark plug. The compression of the cylinders is much higher than in a gas engine. The fuel must be compressed to the point at which it will ignite. This cause the noise you hear from a diesel engine.

What might cause a faint humming noise in your car that grows to a higher pitch although not louder when the gas is pressed?

the engine the engine

What causes a tapping noise in the engine of a mini van?

after market oil filter have been known to cause engine noises in kia's