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It's about 50 - 50 unfortunately. Even if the husband does leave his wife for a girlfriend 48% of those men never stay with their new girlfriend for long and a fairly high percentage go back to their wives (if the wives will take them back.) Both men and women that leave their spouses for another soon realize the grass is not always green on the other side of the fence. What many people don't realize is that every relationship has problems so after the magic wears off they soon come to realize they have just traded off one set of problems for another.

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Wife signed quite claim to house to husband but can husband leave house to wife?

Yes. The husband would be the sole owner of the property and could leave it to his wife in his will.

Should a wife leave when she finds out her husband has cheated even if he was just one time?

Well I would probably talk to the husband first. I mean if the wife truly loves the husband she will, reluctantly, give the husband a second chance. But if it ever happens again if I were the wife I would straight away pack up my things and leave without a goodbye or second thought.

Im in love with my wife and a girlfriend and dont want to leave my wife?

stay with your wife your in lust with with your girlfriend an that wont last

How do you deal with a wife beater husband?

Leave him.

Both husband and wife are on deed as joint owners. Can husband make a deed to a girlfriend without the wife knowing?


Can you have a wife on Oblivion?

No you can't have a wife, a girlfriend, a husband, a boyfriend, or anything, that involves a relationship.

What about leave encashment if husband and wife both are government employee are they both eligible for the same?

if husband and wife both r govt employee they both can get the leave encashment

What is a ex?

An ex is a wife,husband,girlfriend or boyfriend who you have broken up with.

Who will sleep with me?

nobody but your girlfriend/boyfriend or your wife/husband depending on your preference

How Do You Get The 3 couples Across The River you cant leave a husband with the others wife and you cant leave the wife with the others husband?

Make sure they don't complain about being squashed!

Does a husband cheat to cause the wife to leave?

yes. or maybe he thinks that the wife is not perfect enough. Or, husband finds someone better than the married wife.

Husband wants a divorce in Texas Wife does not want to leave her home?

Then the husband should move out.

Why some husband need girlfriend?

Cause some wife no sucky sucky.

Can the estranged wife remove belongings from the husbands home that he shares with his girlfriend?

No. UNLESS the husband and the girlfriend are living in the marital home.If the husband has a residence other than the marital home then the wife is committing the crime of Burglary if she enters it.

Why does a man cheat but wont leave his girlfriend or wife?

he likes variaty.

What would you do if you foundout your girlfriend or wife is cheating on you?

Leave her without violence!

What do a wife do to make is husband happy?

the best thing which she can do , is to leave him alone

What will you do if the husband hit the wife?

Leave him. One time means there will be more.

Should the new girlfriend and Ex Wife try to be friends?

No, it is not wise for the new girlfriend and ex wife to be friends and the ex wife should move on. If children are involved then the ex husband and ex wife should be dealing with this.

Should you leave your husband for a married man who wants to leave his wife for you?

No. A married man will often say he wants to leave his wife for you just to make you feel special. If a married man does not leave his wife within 6 months after meeting you, chances are he'll never leave his wife for you.

Wife happy after seeing ex boyfriend?

husband happy after seeing ex girlfriend

What does jealous significant other mean?

A jealous (boyfriend girlfriend husband wife) you get it right :)

What can the wife do when her husband have a tantrum?

Remain calm then leave the house or call for help

How can you tell if he will ever leave his wife for you?

You cannot tell if he will leave his wife for you until he actually does it. Also, why would he leave his wife for you if he can have you and her. The best of all worlds. Whatever you do, don't tell his wife about your relationship with her husband unless you want to lose him and force a divorce on them.

Will a guy ever leaves his wife for his girlfriend?

Sometimes when the marriage is rocky or the man is a totl dick, yes he will leave his wife for a girlfriend. But a relationship is built on trust so if you love and trust your husband I think he will be faithfull to you. Answer If you are the girlfriend, hoping to become his wife: why would you even begin to trust this guy? Break up with him and tell him to check in with you after he has his final divorce papers. If you are still available, you will consider taking up with him. If you are the wife: let him go and good riddance.