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Hey buddy. Well that is a tough question because there are so many different factors that decide the outcome. First off whats bad credit to you? A 540 credit score is horrible...its not "my credit is ok..." it's "dude, my credit sucks". And the trade value is also a big deal, if you are 3,000.00 upside down, and you have 2000.00 to put down and have bad credit then the question comes down to this: What monthly payment do you want? Well you're staring at a minimum 300.00 a month, you will also have a high interest payment. All these make it seem as if you have no shot, but this is not true. Car dealers can make it all happen for you. SO my advice is go for an American car, something with an buttload of rebates allowing you to bury your negative equity and allowing you to get something better than a suzuki grand vitara. And remember credit is the most important thing in your life in this country, don't screw it up. Youre gonna end up paying like 10-21% in interest depending upon how bad your credit is and if the car u buy books out with all your issues. Good luck buddy, the problem is u gotta bend over and take it in the rear, so go to the dealer, be kind and don't think you got options.Because you don't. Listen to the dealers and get it don't and then refinance your vehicle a few years later with a lower interest level. Any questions email:

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Q: What is the chance of getting into a new vehicle with a trade in that is slightly upside down and you have a low credit score but also a few thousand to put down?
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