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Q: What is the city of Boston often called?
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Does Maryland have a city called Boston?

No,but it has a city called Baltimore.

Which city is called the Boston of the East?


Is Boston in UK?

There is a small town called Boston in Lincolnshire UK, but the main city of Boston is in Massachusetts USA.

Which Indian city is called as Boston of the east?


What city is often called Emerald City?


Mystic river was in what city?

the movie? it was set in Boston... there is a river called the mystic river which is also in Boston

What city is called the Orange city in India?

In India, Nagpur is often called the Orange city.

What is Paris often called?

The City Of Lights

Is Boston a city state or a country?

Boston is a city.

What city is San Antonio know as?

It is often called the Alamo City and River City.

Why is the city Boston called Boston?

beacuase Massachusetts wanted there on place then ri changed Massachusetts for Boston but theres still a little bit of Massachusetts in cranston ri

City regulations are often called city?

law.Another View: ORDNANCES

What city in Scandinavia is often called a floating city and why?

It is surrounded by water and it is Stockholm

What city is further north Boston or New York City?

Boston is further north.

The districts within a city are often called?


What is a city court often called?

Municipal court.

What is the capital city of Boston?

Boston is the capital city of the state of Massachusetts.

What American state is the city of Boston?

Boston is a city in the state of Massachusetts.

What is the best town in Boston?

Boston is a city itself. There are no towns in a city.

Is Boston a county?

Boston is a city.

What city was the Boston massacre?


Where was Paul Revere's house located?

Paul Revere's house was, and still is, located in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, in the section called North Boston.

When was Boston City Hall created?

Boston City Hall was created in 1969.

When was Boston City Club created?

Boston City Club was created in 1904.

When was Boston City Hospital created?

Boston City Hospital was created in 1864.