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I'm not sure what the colours are, but on the back of the radio are 2 plastic connectors. One is black, the other is gray. At one end of each connector there is a lug, so that it may not be inserted incorrectly.

On the Gray Connctor, held with this lug at the top, and on the right side as you look at it there will be 7 wires. from the top counting down 7=not used 6= left front neg. 5= right front neg 4=memory light 3=radio light 2=12V switched(ign) 1= 12V unswitched (Batt)

On the black connector, held with this lug at the top and on the left as you look at it, from the top counting down 1= right rear neg 2=left rear neg 3=right front pos 4=left front pos 5=right rear pos 6= left rear pos 7= power antenna.

So on the grey connector position 7 is at the top. On the black connector position 1 is at the top.


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Q: What is the color code for the wiring on the stereo system of a 1990 Chrysler Fifth Avenue New Yorker?
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Open the trunk and pull the plug on the left-hand side behind the lights.

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Chrysler does not use reset switches.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a Chrysler new yorker 1989?

It doesn't have one. Chrysler uses relays to controll the fuel system.

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Chrysler does not use inertia or cutoff switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

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It doesn't have one. Chrysler uses relays to control the fuel system.

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Could you be more specific? Are you asking about a wiring diagram for the heating system?

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It can not be permanently disabled. It is disarmed with the remote or by unlocking the doors with a key.

How do you know if a Chrysler 1993 new yorker have remote control for doors and trunk?

A Chrysler dealer can run the VIN through their computer system and see if it was built with remotes when new.

What is under the front passenger seat of a 1996 Chrysler sebring jxi convertible?

That's the amplifier for the stereo system

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The amplifiers are on the infinity speakers. Each speaker has its own amp.

Does the AC compressor for an 86 Chrysler New Yorker have a fuse that may go out?

There is no fuse for the compressor itself, if the compressor is not working, the low pressure switch has activated and there is not enough refrigerant in the system. Have your AC system serviced by a good shop or your local Chrysler dealer.

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It doesn't have a speedometer cable. The system is all electronic..It doesn't have a speedometer cable. The system is all electronic..

Chrysler new yorker 1989 infinity sound system stock amp where is it?

the amps are all located on the s[eakers them selves at least thays where they were on my 88 check it out

Car stereo turns on but no sound?

Check speaker's connector on the other side of stereo system. If stereo system have fuses, check it also. If stereo system doesn't work anyway, I think, that stereo systems amplifier is broken.

Where can I find an electronic fuel control system for 88 Chrysler 5TH avenue?

O' Rielly's has a rebuilt one for $80.00 Just plug and play.

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Why does replacing the battery in a 1993 Chrysler New Yorker cause the anti theft light to flash but the car will not start?

Ruff AnswerChrysler New Yorker Has A Picky Anti Theft System, I Understand that if that's flashing when trying to start, means the Theft System Wasnt Turned off, What i Would Try And do is Shut Your Drive or Pass Door, put Your Key into it and lock then unlock your door and try again. Doing This Has Deactivated My Alarm When I Had The window Down and pulled the lock and it went off.

Would a camaro sound good with a stereo system?

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Connecting an iPod to the stereo can be done how?

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How do you run the ATC dash test on a 1990 chrysler new yorker?

Start with the system off. Press auto, floor and defrost at the same time, unit will enter diagnostic mode, and display any fault codes.

What is the cause of braking system locking up several times on a 1992 Chrysler New Yorker?

Contaminated brake fluid? Frozen calipers? Defective master cylinder? Master cylinder activation rod not adjusted properly?

How do you disable an anti-theft system in a 1990 Chrysler New Yorker. I too am having the same problem in my 1991 New Yorker. Anybody know how I can disable it?

i have the same problem in my 90 imperial. drivers side lock will not disengage the system . have to use the passenger side. Any ideas 1990 Chrysler new yorker, transmission was just replaced, the anti theft device, security light is flashing the the car will not start. I too am having the same problem in my 1991 New Yorker. Anybody know how I can disable it? I have the same problem with my 94 new yorker, will someone please help me and tell me how to disarm the system so that my car will start? I have to wait 24 hours sometimes for it to reset itself. My best suggestion is to check the switches on the back of the door key cylinder to see if it is still hooked up. i just had the same problem with my 93 Chrysler new yorker. the alarm would not disarm. i got a can of PB BLASTER and sprayed inside the door locks on both sides. whatever was frozen up, released. i put the key in the drivers door, locked and unlocked it and the alarm disarmed. the car started right up.

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