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I'm not sure what the colours are, but on the back of the radio are 2 plastic connectors. One is black, the other is gray. At one end of each connector there is a lug, so that it may not be inserted incorrectly.

On the Gray Connctor, held with this lug at the top, and on the right side as you look at it there will be 7 wires. from the top counting down 7=not used 6= left front neg. 5= right front neg 4=memory light 3=radio light 2=12V switched(ign) 1= 12V unswitched (Batt)

On the black connector, held with this lug at the top and on the left as you look at it, from the top counting down 1= right rear neg 2=left rear neg 3=right front pos 4=left front pos 5=right rear pos 6= left rear pos 7= power antenna.

So on the grey connector position 7 is at the top. On the black connector position 1 is at the top.


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Q: What is the color code for the wiring on the stereo system of a 1990 Chrysler Fifth Avenue New Yorker?
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