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Q: What is the conflict perspective of race and ethnicity?
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What is the conflict perspective on education?

The conflict perspective on education tends to view schools intuitions that "perpetuate" social inequalities in terms of class, gender, ethnicity, and race as groups seek to maintain their position of "privilege".

Which sociological perspective views race from the macro level and purports the economic structure as a central factor in the exploitation of minority groups?

the conflict perspective

What are the similarities between race and ethnicity?

Race and ethnicity are indeed two separate things. Race is how others may see you, and ethnicity is how you view yourself.

Is race similar to ethnicity?

Yes. Race is an archaic form of ethnicity, in my opinion. Others see race as a biological term, while ethnicity is cultural.

What is the different between race and ethnicity?

Some would say that race is an archaic form of ethnicity. Others would argue that race is biological, while ethnicity is cultural and constructed. I'm part of the former camp - race is constructed, it's just a part of ethnicity.

How does the family appear from the conflict perspective?

what is the conflict perspective of the family

What does it mean to say that race and ethnicity are socially constructed?

Race distinguishes people by their physical appearance (skin tone), while ethnicity distinguishes people by their culture- what they "share" with others (i.e. language, religion). Race and ethnicity are socially constructed, which means that they are only apparent because of how people view others. Race and ethnicity are created by society as a way to create generalized assumptions- labels. They are used because they are distinct markings- people can easily be grouped together by their similarities and separated by their differences. Even though race and ethnicity are socially constructed, people do not always have the ability to choose their race or ethnicity. This is because race and ethnicity are not random. They originate from geographical location.

What is an example of ethnicity?

Ethnicity is a type of person. A race is a group of people with the same ethnicity ,so ethnicity is a person that comes from a group of people. A race is incorrectly implied in a sentence like , what race are you? this is incorrect because a race is a group of people with the same ethnicity .so a example of ethnicity would be if there was a Chinese man and he lived in a western community and followed western culture his race is Chinese and his ethnic group is still Chinese but he isn't as ethical to that culture as other Chinese raced people who live in china.

How many ethnicity's does Obama have in his cabinet?

first of all ethnicity is your race you can't have a race in your cabinet and he has 2 black and white

What race is khalil?

His ethnicity is somalian

Is Arabic a race or ethnicity?

they are a race if my research is correct

What role did race and ethnicity play in the conflict in ww2?

Hitler's loathing for Slavs drove him to invade Russia. And his attempt to annihilate the Jews earned the death penalty for many of his colleagues.

What is the difference between race and ethnicity?

AnswerRace describes biological descent. Ethnicity describes cultural heritage.ANSWER:The finish line. Ethnicity is learned, race is inherited.______________________________________________________________________Third opinion - Race is just an archaic version of ethnicity. Black is an ethnicity, White is an ethnicity, so is Caucasoid. They're all ethnic constructions.Fourth opinion- Race means subspecies. One can argue with that there are no 'subspecies' of the Human species, thus meaning that 'race' does not exist, leaving ethnicity as the only characteristic trait of the two in describing a human.

What has the author Dianne Williams written?

Dianne Williams has written: 'Race, ethnicity, and crime' -- subject(s): Mass media and race relations, Crime and race, Race, Ethnicity, Administration of Justice

What is Diane Gilman's ethnicity or race?


Which sociological perspective has influenced the creation of the feminist perspective the most?

Conflict Perspective

What is the Functionalist perspective of race and ethnicity?

A Functionalist perspective on Race and Ethnicity is that Functionalists believe that in terms of understanding ethnic stratification it is possible to achieve a value consensus in wider society regardless of cultural variations between ethnic groups in society. Functionalists believe that Ethnic groups need to become assimilated into mainstream or dominant culture. A key assumption behind this approach is that although societies go through a period of adaption with an influx of immigrant groups that it naturally manages to stabilise itself through absorption. Functionalists theorise that when immigrants become assimilated into the host society they can participate in the benefits of the host society, such as upward social mobility. Functionalist study on race and ethnicity Sheila Patterson (1965) 'Dark Strangers' Enjoy, Shaun Lawless (Sociology Student in Aberdeen

The difference between the functionalist perspective with the conflict perspective?


What Sociological perspective influenced feminism?

conflict perspective

What is the race or ethnicity of Spain?


How is ethnicity different from descent?

descent is a person's origin ethnicity refers a certain race of people

What is your race if you come from Spain?

Your race would be white and your ethnicity would be Hispanic.

Inequality capitalism and stratification are key concepts of which theoretical perspective?

Conflict Perspective

Is bilingual education not affected by race or race or ethnicity?

Bilingual means a person knows one or more languages. Race has nothing to do with it and neither does ethnicity. A Martian could come to earth and learn English and he would be bilingual.

What is the difference bertween race and ethnicity?

Race is the term belongs to particular groups with same traditions. ethnicity means same group of people having common traditional beliefs.